My beloved child bride returned from her dad’s a little bit ago and is making two pans of brownies to take to DD’s bonfire tonight. Really looking forward to seeing the grandkids. They get so busy with school and athletic things and mom and dad both work full time. Any time I can spend with them, despite the chaotic circumstances, is a blessing.

This is DD and her prom date,1991: She sure had big hair back then

Fast forward 20 years; both divorced,she has GS and GD,he has joint custody of his two girls. They found each other on Facebook and were married within a couple months. They really,really love each other. Here they are today:








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  1. Pistol Pete

    Furious President Obama berated top aides behind closed doors over their botched handling of the Ebola crisis
    <img src="Big trouble: President Obama berated his aides over their botched response to the Ebola crisis in a metting on Wednesday (above)” alt=”” />
    In a closed-door meeting on Wednesday, President Obama voiced his anger and frustration over the way his top aides responded to the Ebola crisis
    The President placed most of the blame on the Center for Disease Control, who he felt did not do enough to train nurses and doctors
    This is a load of unexpurgated hooey.His only anger comes from the fact anybody would have the temerity to criticize him for promoting the spread of a deadly virus.

    Limbaugh Theorem in Action: NY Times Front Page: Obama ‘Seethes’ at Government Ebola Failures
    he story is on the front page of Saturday’s edition of the Times with the headline, Amid Assurances on Ebola, Obama Is Said to Seethe.

    This is in line with the Limbaugh Theorem that says Obama maintains popularity by portraying himself as opposed to the actions of his government and always trying to be seen as fixing them.
    Rush explained the Limbaugh Theorem last year:

    “People do not associate Obama with his agenda, and that’s because he’s permanently campaigning. He’s running against his own agenda, by design, on purpose. He’s running against what’s happening. He makes people think that he doesn’t like what’s happening and he’s trying to fix it when in fact everything that’s happening is precisely because he wants it to and has made it happen.”
    <img src="Graphic via” alt=”” />

    The New York Times putting Obama’s orchestrated propaganda leaks on the front page with Obama shown as angry at the government is a perfect example of the Limbaugh Theorem.


  2. Pistol Pete

    From IOTW:

    Tonight’s Smoothiness by Grunt of Monte Cristo

    Home – by BigFurHat – October 18, 2014 – 00:30 America



  3. Pistol Pete

    Ben Carson group outraises Ready for Hillary by 60%
    Update: The top Democratic draft committee, Ready for Hillary, didn’t come close to raising the $3.3 million announced by the Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, according to the pro-Clinton group.

    Ready for Hillary declared late Wednesday that it added $2 million to their war chest in the past quarter, $1.3 million less than the Carson take.

    I’m only including this as an FYI.
    First,the GOP elites will NEVER let Dr. Carson anywhere near the nomination
    Second,The Butcher’s big-money banking friends are poised to dump tens of millions into her campaign,either directly or through their phony Clinton Foundation.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Houston to pastors: Forget your sermons, now we want your speeches

    related to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO).

    I don’t mean to point out the obvious here – but what do those attorneys think a sermon is? It’s a speech.

    According to an amended motion filed Friday in Harris County, Texas court, the city’s attorneys will no longer demand sermons related to homosexuals, gender identity, or Mayor Annise Parker – Houston’s first openly lesbian mayor.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Should Michelle’s Healthy Food Standards Be Applied to Food Stamps?
    Welfare queens eat healthy?BWAHAHAHA


  6. Pistol Pete

    A Look at the Battles Over Voter ID Raging in Courtrooms Across America

    Proponents of voter ID say the requirements are important to guard against election fraud and that those trying to eliminate them are fighting a losing battle. Opponents say the laws disenfranchise citizens and have won their own victories.

    State battles over voter ID continue for now. There are winners and losers, and along with divisive court decisions come appeals to contest the rulings.

    I’m afraid we’re fighting a losing battle given how many liberal hack judges Obola is currently packing the courts with.


  7. Pistol Pete

    White House celebrates another Muslim holiday for the first time
    The White House hosted an event to celebrate Eid al-Adha on Tuesday for the first time ever with the sponsorship of the Rumi Forum, an international organization established by Turks living in Washington, D.C., to foster intercultural dialogue.

    The White House traditionally hosts an iftar (fast-breaking) dinner every year for representatives of Muslim communities in the United States, but Tuesday’s event was the first time that they have hosted a celebratory event for Eid al-Adha, upon the suggestion of Rumi Forum. The opening speech of the event was made by White House Public Relations Office Deputy Director Ashley Allison and Rumi Forum President Emre Çelik.

    It sickens me that to this day there are those who claim Obozo is a Christian.We’ve all known from the beginning he’s a Muslim and always has been.He’s never even tried to hide it.


  8. Pistol Pete

    Obama Appoints Far Left Hack With Expertise in Revolutionary Politics as Ebola Czar

    Clearly Obama has no desire to stop the spread of Ebola, highlighted by his appointment of a man with exactly zero medical background, but plenty political sycophant points.

    White House: New Ebola Czar Will Report to Susan Rice

    Mr. Klain will ultimately however report to Ms. Monoco [Homeland Security] and to National Security Advisor Susan Rice in this effort,” Earnest said.


  9. Pistol Pete

    The Macaca Democrats

    Column: Why the GOP Is Winning Election 2014
    Something peculiar has happened. As I write, none of the Republican candidates for Senate has become a public embarrassment. On the contrary: For the first time in a decade, it is the Democratic candidates, not the Republican ones, who are fodder for late-night comics. That the Democrats are committing gaffes and causing scandals at a higher rate than Republicans not only may be decisive in the battle for the Senate. It could signal a change in our politics at large.


  10. Pistol Pete

    Krauthammer’s Take: Ebola Czar ‘a PR Move from Beginning to End’


  11. Pistol Pete

    Obama to Allow 100,000 Haitians into America Without a Visa

    Calling it “an irresponsible overreach of the executive branch’s authority,” Senator Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, is criticizing an executive order issued by the president that would allow at least 100,000 Haitian nationals into the United States to be “reunited with their families.”

    “Which countries are next on President Obama’s list?” Mr. Grassley said. “Will there by medical screenings before entry? Will work permits be granted automatically? How will this affect American workers?”


  12. Pistol Pete

    Biggest Labor Union Throws Support Behind “Independent” Greg Orman
    This week the AFL-CIO threw its considerable weight behind Democrat-turned-independent Greg Orman in his bid for U.S. Senate in Kansas. This came on the heels of a debate that was all about defining who Greg Orman really is:

    The AFL-CIO will endorse Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman, a spokesman for the labor union tells National Journal, giving the independent candidate from Kansas a last-minute lift in his race against Republican incumbent Pat Roberts.


  13. A couple of good photos c/o Weasel Zippers. I don’t know if they should be embedded, they’re kind-of large (550px wide), so I’ll link to the web pages.

    War On Women: Teenage Girl In Kobani Escorts Her Mom And Sister Home

    German Biker Gang Enters Kobane To Fight ISIS Alongside Kurds


  14. “Officials now say that a woman who fell ill at the Dallas Area Rapid Transit White Rock Station Saturday afternoon is not known to be a part of any Ebola watch list. …earlier reported by DART to have been on a list of individuals being monitored for the often deadly illness. …initially said that the woman was reported to be a resident of the same Dallas apartment complex where Ebola “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan became ill… later determined that while she did stay there for a few days some time ago, she was not a resident of that complex.” (from WFAA)

    I know we’re going to get reports of “possible Ebola” every time anyone throws up in public, but this connection to Duncan is truly disturbing.


  15. Under ‘stories that are almost too hard to read about,’ there’s this from Breitbart:

    The British National Health Service– in a first-of-its-kind, just released study– has documented 467 “newly identified cases” of girls and women who had been genitally mutilated. Half live in London.

    Previously, 1, 279 such girls and women were known to be receiving post-mutilation treatment. However, estimates suggest that up to “170,000 women and girls living in the UK may have undergone FGM.”

    But, but, multiculti!!


  16. A little something from the old home town, or, anyway, the town just north of the old home town.

    In the photo, these cousins of Pistol Pete are standing on the front porch of the Tom Mix museum, ready to head to an Old West re-enactment.

    Before he took his cowboy skills to Hollywood, Tom Mix worked various jobs in Dewey, Okla., including, for a time, working in the cement plant my grandfather managed. I don’t know if Mix remembered his roots, but Dewey still celebrates him.

    Here’s a funny clip from 1932’s Justice (or Destry, depending on the re-issue) Rides Again. I had hoped to find Mix doing some of his rope tricks, but a few horse tricks will have to do.


    • Thanks for bringing this up, Mindful. We were just watching Tombstone the other night, and were reminded that Tom Mix was a pall bearer for Wyatt Earp when he died in southern California, and he reputedly wept as he did so. Tom Mix was a movie star, but he had the heart of a cowboy. He didn’t start out in Hollywood.


  17. BTW, Pete. Thanks for showing this photo of your DD and hub. It’s a great story and they really do look happy.