Wave buh-bye to the nice Pajama Boy, kids!

Andrew Klavan: Helping the Pro-Obama Media Learn From the Past [3:41]

2014_10 15 Dem Party approval low

“The progressive pajama boy era is over. … Now instead of pivoting from Global Warming to a minimum wage to some offensive thing that some local Republican somewhere said, the media is stuck in an Ebola-ISIS cycle that reminds Americans on a daily basis that everything really is out of control. … Obama is already receding into the imagination of liberals as the youthful folly of a political Age of Aquarius when millennials tried to levitate the Pentagon by electing a brash inexperienced community organizer to fix the world.”

Read the rest @ http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/the-progressive-pajama-boy-era-is-over/

Sadly, the cure Dems are likely to propose for 2016 will be “Elect Hillary because she’s old and butch and has a vagina.”

Sowell on Hillary

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