Normally by this time DW and I have eaten supper and spend some time watching TV together until its time to turn in. She left early this morning to go visit her dad,who lives three hours away in Wisconsin. After posting the WC Fields video earlier,I did some digging for some other classic bits by people who were so unique there was no one like them.
In college I majored in English and minored in Theatre Arts. Yep,I was a ham actor. I was short and not gifted athletically(except I was a scratch bowler for many years) but I could always sing and act. My drama coach assured me I would never be leading man material because I looked the way I did. Short,baby-faced and a little annoying…. so I played mostly little boys and dirty old men. As you can tell,I always enjoyed making people laugh and finally discerned when people were laughing with me rather than laughing at me. BIG difference.
YouTube is so awesome because I can show my grandkids what it was like to make people laugh without the foul language,references to bodily functions,racial mockery, and sexual innuendo.

Here’s another classic from WC:

In 1940,two icons of the screen,WC Fields and Mae West did their only movie together,”My Little Chickadee”
It is a classic with some hilarious lines in it.

I read where producers loved working with these two because you didn’t need a script.Just put them in a room with some props and watch them play off each other.Pairings like this were rare.

On Tuesday nights we’d always gather around the old black and white television to watch Red Skelton. He studied pantomime with Marcel Marceau and was superb. His Christmas specials were always heartwarming. His adlibs were a riot on live television.

He was an instant star and the pressure of fame drove him to the drug abuse and depression that would cause him to end his own life. We were cheated of a really funny man.

Sam Kinison was a very funny man,but it was a chore finding a clip I could post here since his act was pretty raw.

Every time a Marx Brothers movie plays on Turner classic movies I have to stop and watch. Their humor is unique and timeless.

In case you never heard Harpo speak:
Apparently one of his early performances got a bad review from the critics and he decided to never speak on camera again.

OK,He was a far-left liberal,enviro maniac,but he did standup for a very long time.

The funniest woman who ever lived. She had no peer.

The late Carroll O’Conner

It’s so much more fun blogging here since Grunt and Mindful have joined the craziness. Consider this a thank you for everybody who stops by whether you comment or not. You keep me in my right mind in a world gone a little berserk.
I love you all.


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