Is the NIH underfunded?

Kelly Files: Is the government misleading Americans about Ebola?
Oct. 13, 2014 – 4:17 – Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses concern

CtH: I think the idea that essential medical research has been harmed by underfunding the NIH is absurd. The NIH has wasted literally millions of dollars on ridiculous studies when they could’ve been focusing on finding treatments and vaccines for the handful of highly infectious, extremely lethal and potentially weaponizable diseases that we have known for decades posed a clear and present danger to national security.

Here are just a few examples:

NIH waste

NIH wastes over $10 million on stupid studies like “Why are lesbians fat?” and ” Will Combining Alcohol and Energy Drinks Make You Want to Have Sex?”

NIH blows half a million on studying why men don’t like to use condoms.

NIH finances $386,000 study into how best to massage rabbits, $453,000 study into the importance of breathing to meditation, and $600,000 for a private company to develop a goldenseal extract it plans to sell for profit.

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