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The pathetic hackery of Donna Brazile

Donna Brazile is Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.  Below is a series of her recent tweets with some of my favorite twitter replies.

Donna Brazile – Oct 11, 2014:

GOP’s scheme to frighten America: 4-point plan of Ebola, Secret Service, Border, ISIS.

  • Reply: So the GOP invented Ebola, EV-D68, ISIS, and shot holes into WH. What can’t they do?
  • Reply: These are things that are actually happening in the world not a “scheme.”
  • Reply: Your boy Obama is the one who dropped the ball on all of this, not the GOP.
  • Reply: Pretty sure the Secret Service doesn’t need the GOP’s help to scare people.
  • Reply: Speaking of fear agenda … #waronwomen #endOfCivilization #womeninchains.
  • Reply: Your friends accused Romney of killing a woman and you complain about reporting actual scary news?
  • Reply: Someone is gonna kill Big Bird and use binders full of women to do it!!!!

Donna Brazile – Oct 11, 2014: 

They want you to be afraid, but evidently not of the things that can really harm you.  Is Ebola Scaring You? 5 Reasons You Don’t Have to Worry http://zite.to/1xABKUP

  • Reply:  The virology experts at Huffington Post say not to worry …  and Democrat hack Donna Brazile agrees!
  • Reply:  Ebola isn’t dangerous, even though it was transmitted to a health care worker in Texas. Or something.

Brazile hillbillies
Donna Brazile – Oct 13, 2014: 

NIH Director: We’d Probably Have An Ebola Vaccine If Not For Budget Cuts.

  • Reply: On Oct. 11 you told us not to worry about Ebola, so why would we need a vaccine?
  • Reply: If only we hadn’t wasted so much on Solyndra and GM.
  • Reply: Or Obama’s vacations.
  • Reply: Does this mean she’s now blaming Republicans for the Ebola threat that she told us was not a threat?
  • Reply: The requested decrease is in President Obama’s budget. Is he a Republican now?

Donna Brazile – Oct 14, 2014:

Nurse infected with Ebola knew risks of her work.

  • Reply: I’ve heard of slut-shaming & fat-shaming, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen work-shaming.
  • Reply: Blaming the nurse are we?
  • Reply: Donna is in the business of blaming victims if that victim could reflect poorly on the Obama administration.
  • Reply: She’s a brave young lady and a hero in my eyes. Hats off to all those who risk their lives for the lives of others.
  • Reply: #Liberallogic She had it coming living in red state, working 4 private hospital, she probably worked for money.

Brazila Obamacare
Donna Brazile – Oct 15, 2014:

If we are going to stop the #EbolaOutbreak or contain it, let’s focus on how to get it done versus pointing fingers.

  • Reply: It’s an outbreak now. But, hey, don’t point fingers, guys!
  • Reply: Don’t point fingers … you mean like you did with the nurse?
  • Reply: No finger pointing, says the woman who has spent the last 6 years blaming everybody but Obama.
  • Reply: Hypocrisy, thy name is Donna Brazile.



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The best laid plans,that is. I had planned on doing a redneck special this morning and starting the daily earlier than this. We had a lot of errands to do late this AM then I had to buy DW lunch. I’ll really try to do it tomorrow,since I have a lot of stuff you might find entertaining. Until then on with the show.










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Is the NIH underfunded?

Kelly Files: Is the government misleading Americans about Ebola?
Oct. 13, 2014 – 4:17 – Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses concern

CtH: I think the idea that essential medical research has been harmed by underfunding the NIH is absurd. The NIH has wasted literally millions of dollars on ridiculous studies when they could’ve been focusing on finding treatments and vaccines for the handful of highly infectious, extremely lethal and potentially weaponizable diseases that we have known for decades posed a clear and present danger to national security.

Here are just a few examples:

NIH waste

NIH wastes over $10 million on stupid studies like “Why are lesbians fat?” and ” Will Combining Alcohol and Energy Drinks Make You Want to Have Sex?”

NIH blows half a million on studying why men don’t like to use condoms.

NIH finances $386,000 study into how best to massage rabbits, $453,000 study into the importance of breathing to meditation, and $600,000 for a private company to develop a goldenseal extract it plans to sell for profit.

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How to open a can without a can opener

Just in case you didn’t know.

How to open a can without a can opener

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