Wendy jumps the shark – UPDATED

2014_10 13 Wendy jumps the shark

From Twitchy:

  • Wendy Davis be like, I see your man in a wheelchair, and raise you three wheelchairs and four minorities.
  • “I’ll take shameless, sort-of apology pandering for $2,000, Alex.”
  • She needs to find her rock and crawl back under it.
  • Caption! “Wendy Davis would have preferred these people were aborted. But since they weren’t, photo op!”
  • The Wendy Davis campaign is the greatest, most hilariously awful political event in recent memory.
  • As a MOTHER with a daughter in a WHEELCHAIR…..not only is this in POOR TASTE it makes me want to SLAP the OBAMA OUT OF HER!
  • She’s clearly lost the “any decent person” vote.WendyDouche: Get me some damn people in wheelchairs.
    Campaign manager: We can’t find anyone in wheelchairs that still supports your campaign.
    WendyDouche: Then just get the damn wheel chairs and put some staffers in them.
    $5 says that’s what happened.
             Did anybody follow these people out?
                 I’m with ya on that one.
    I guarantee you, those disabled felt completely humiliated…. but they let abortion dunce exploit them anyway… when you’re disabled,… hanging onto your dignity is not just important, it’s vital… everyday you fight against a body you feel betrayed by, against the pity of others, against resentment, fighting hard against self pity… you fight to stay useful… to stay a part of your loved ones lives… not a spectator.  All I got for Davis is….. fu*k you Wendy… just f*ck you…

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5 responses to “Wendy jumps the shark – UPDATED

  1. “slap the OBAMA out of her.” Hahahahahah!


  2. I second those eff you s to Windy Douchenozzle, and third them as well. She’s freaking horrible.


  3. Gateway Pundit has a video you might want to add, as a staffer drags the chair of the man at the microphone across the stage.

    You stay classy, Wendy.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      This video shows just how very SENSITIVE the Wendy Davis Campaign Machine is to the needs and feelings of the disabled.


  4. Also, at Legal Insurrection, Abbott’s campaign turned the negative reaction into their own campaign ad.