Memories Monday

1979_03 29 D&C engaged

1979_10 13 D&C wedding full


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  1. Very cute photos, Chrissy! Beautiful couple. No way am I posting our wedding pics from 1983, though. My white tux looked like I lifted it off John Travolta. Not as dignified as your good-looking hub’s!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      His tux was the ONLY wedding argument we had. As you note, the style then was parfait colors with ruffled shirts. But me and Dearest never did anything normal. Black and white weddings got all kinds of posh about 10 years later, but when we did it, we got “Oooooooooooooookay, I guess that will be nice.” Heck. It was gorgeous. And I’m so GLAD I let Dearest hold the line on the white tie and tails. The classics really work. The men in tuxes ranged from my fireplug dad to his stork brother, but every one of them looked splendid. Every wedding I’d been to, at least one of the guys looks really stupid, because the cut of the tux was just wrong for his body type. But not these. We only argued because the local wedding shops didn’t have them and got surly about the fact that he wouldn’t even LOOK at anything else. We finally found a fantastic men’s shop in another city that understood the classics. Every man even had a personal fitting before the wedding. When I saw Dearest in his tux, I literally stopped breathing, he was that handsome!


  2. How well the “classics” hold up compared to fads.

    That is a nice-looking couple. Does the bride look just a tiny bit apprehensive to you? Bet they’ll have a good marriage.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Chrissy,may you and your hunk of a husband enjoy another 35 years of happiness.You two look like you belong together.


  4. Pistol Pete

    DW and I were married in our living room with our best friends as witnesses since it was her second marriage and I had a few under my belt.There is one 5×7 on the dresser of us together and thats all there is.The camera man took the picture and the flash from the powder set the drapes on fire.Who can stand still that long anyway?


  5. Here we are on our wedding day…

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