Speculating about the great sign

In studying the messages given to the seers at Garabandal and Medjugorje, I noticed a great similarity between the two concerning permanent signs that Mary has promised will appear over the sites of the apparitions.

Garabandal, Spain (1960s): A great miracle will appear above Garabandal. The sick will be cured. Unbelievers will be converted. It will be able to be filmed, photographed and televised. Afterwards, a permanent sign will remain at Garabandal in memory of the miracle and as visible proof of our Blessed Mother’s love for all humanity. It will be a thing never before seen upon the earth. It will be able to be photographed but not touched.

Medjugore, then Yugoslavia/now Bosnia and Herzegovina (1980s): A great sign will appear on the Hill of Apparitions in Medjugorje as evidence of the apparitions and as a call to faith and great conversion. This sign will be visible and permanent, the last call for those who have not yet converted. Even non-believers will be unable to deny it.

One night, well over a year ago, I woke from a dream about the McDonald’s golden M appearing in the sky, its two long legs touching down at Garabandal and Medjugorje. It struck me that this made sense. The similarity between the two prophesies does suggest they are parts of a single sign. A golden M of light would be something that could be seen and photographed, but not touched.

The idea intrigued me and the dream wouldn’t leave me alone, so I opened up Google Earth and looked at the two apparition sites. I already knew they were both small, mountain villages, but I was positively gobsmacked to find they are situated on the SAME LATITUDE!  What are the chances?!

Garabandal = Latitude 43.2008° N
Medjugore = Latitude 43.2000° N

Each degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles wide.
69 x .0008 = 0.0552 mile = 291.456 feet.
A football field is 300 feet long.

Garabandal and Medjugorje - Latitudes

Supposing my dream has any cosmic meaning, the next obvious question is where the middle of the M would point.

Garabandal = Longitude 4.4219° W
Medjugorje = Longitude 17.6800° E.

The midpoint longitude is at 6.62905° E.
(I had Mama Buzz check all my maths on this. Twice.)

Funny thing … there is yet another small mountain village at that latitude and longitude. It’s called Ramatuelle, France.

Garabandal Ramatuelle Medjugorje

Ramatuelle is on the French Riviera, but it’s up on a cliff and hasn’t got a lot in the way of history or glamor, so it isn’t one of the hot spots for vacays. There are only two buildings with any historical interest – an old prison and a 16th century church dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption.  Oddly, for such an out of the way spot, I found a whole web page devoted to detailed photos of the altarpiece in the church.

ALTAR Notre Dame Ramatuelle France

But wait. It gets even weirder and more wonderful. We’ve been given enough hints about the actual date of the Garabandal miracle to expect it to occur on Holy Thursday, April 13, 2017. On the Hebrew calendar, this day will be Nisan 17, 5777. Look again at the Hebrew year. 5777.  5 is Mary’s number.  777 is the sign of the Trinity.  Now check out what is at the top of the altarpiece.

777 on Ramatuelle altar top



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12 responses to “Speculating about the great sign

  1. This is pretty amazing, Chrissy. Although it all sounds crazy, I’ve confirmed the same things via my own research and I can’t argue with a single thing.

    I’m in a meeting at the moment, and can’t recount the whole story, but I was peripherally involved with a striking Eucharistic miracle that happened at the St. Milo’s chapel below Long’s Peak about 10 years ago. During the consecration at mass, in the unlit chapel, during a snow storm, the large elevated host was illuminated with the face of Jesus and then with a large golden ‘M’, which presumably was the Marian ‘M’. Fr. Jim Klein, a friend, was so overcome that he almost collapsed. Everyone present, almost all good friends of mine, saw it happen.

    I mention because of your golden ‘M’, and that’s the only other case I’ve heard of.

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  2. I’ll have to check to see if the Isle of Monte Cristo, near Corsica, falls under the ‘M’. I think it does. 😀


  3. Ting

    Do your dreams usually come true? I have way more come true than I would like, because some of them are nightmares. But I do take note of my most vivid dreams now. Usually something very similar to the dream happens within a couple of days.


    • I don’t think that’s ever happened to me. If it’s not too personal, what would be an example of a dream that came true in a couple of days, Ting? Hope you don’t mind me asking.


      • Ting

        Well, lots of personal things with my children. I dream it, and the next thing you know it happens. It has gotten to the point where I “go on the record” with my husband when it is a dream I just can’t ignore. It almost always happens, just like in my dream.

        One that I can remember from many years ago… I woke up telling my husband that I kept dreaming all night about this line of people drinking this horrible looking black liquid. The line just kept moving on and on and all sorts of people were drinking. A few days later, that crazy cult in Guyana that committed mass suicide by drinking Kool Aid came out in the news.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I have PTSD so my dreams are usually horrible and fortunately don’t usually come true. More often, they are attempts by my fractured and tormented brain to make sense of the horrors I experienced when I was a toddler. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a truly good night’s sleep in my life … and I don’t need all my fingers.

      Long term PTSD and its accompanying lack of sleep is highly correlated to immune system dysfunction disorders. That being said, I have also had many dreams and waking visions that seemed to be from God. I HAD to learn how to discern physical symptoms from emotional symptoms from mental symptoms from PTSD symptoms from allergy symptoms from detox symptoms from demonic influences from visions/dreams from God.

      I spent a long time … years and years … in spiritual direction, and in therapy, and in reading/studying/praying on my own. You know what I’m like when I latch on to a topic! I rarely talk about the experiences I’ve had that fall into the supernatural categories. I’m leery of private revelation in general, most especially when it comes from anyone who seems to be enjoying the notoriety a whole lot too much; I really don’t want to “go there.” And I most especially do not want to ever mislead another soul in any way!

      As you will note above, this golden M dream was over a year ago and all the graphics and research were done at that time. Yet the dream has stayed vivid in my mind and I’ve never lost this sense that it’s important for some reason. Yesterday, during my Bible and morning prayer time, God put it into my mind and heart that it was time to post and when I went to write the blog, I had no trouble finding the files or the words. This is important, because being ABLE to think and write is one way I’ve learned He keeps me from haring off in a wrong direction. When I’m really not supposed to do something, I get pea soup London fog in my brain!

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      • Interesting. Like you and Ting, the discernment part is difficult for me. I’m certain that personal revelation (dreams or waking) is real, but I’m also beset with demonic attacks that need to be ignored. That doesn’t happen very often for me, and is generally only a real struggle when I’m severely depressed. Therefore, knowing how you struggle with the PTSD, Chrissy, I can only imagine how difficult your attacks must be. Dealing with them must be horrible, and I’ll have to pray more that you have the strength. I feel for you.

        On the positive side, the vivid, vision-like stuff is really interesting. It’s extremely rare for me, but my wife has had a few important ones. Once she got a direct command from the Holy Spirit to come clean with me about something she’d kept secret for 15 years, and when she did, it saved our marriage. Another time she got a vision about the end times. She told me about it, and we got real-world confirmation within hours.

        But your Golden M is interesting, because it satisfies the Garabandal description of the ‘visible’ Great Miracle, it jives with Jesus’ stated desire in other visions to give honor to his mother, and it has the potential to speak to worldwide muslims who would recognize it immediately (like at Zeitun).


  4. Zvonimir MW Tosic

    You are right about the geographic latitude of both places. I have checked the same some months ago. Check out Lourdes as well, it is also almost on the same 43.2 N. Asisi in Italy is also on the same latitude. It is probable, from some accounts, than in many (all?) Marian apparitions sites same miracle will be visible.
    As for the miracle itself, Fr Adam Skwarczyński from Poland (who saw the miracle in his vision) best described it so far, and noted it will be something like a pillar of light during the day, turning into a pillar of a fiery appearance during nights. For references, check the Book of Exodus. When it will come? It is still a secret 🙂

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  5. Hey, Chrissy or Blue! There’s a good comment in moderation from a Mr. Tosic. Please consider getting him out of jail! I dunna have the authority.


  6. Zvonimir MW Tosic

    On the other hand, and leaving geographic coincidences aside, while Garabandal was neither accepted nor refused as a supernatural occurrence by the Church, Medjugorje has too many problems Garabandal did not have.
    Medjugorje was on several occasions studied and rendered by many Yugoslavian bishops as not a supernatural occurrence. Our Lady apparently organised protest against some of them, often accusing local bishop for “not having faith”. Compare this to Garabandal, where Our Lady told witnesses to respect priests and their wishes *before* hers. Many messages in Medjugorje were confusing, doctrinally totally wrong, alleged Madonna often putting her in first place in messages, and in period from 1981 to 1984 especially, plagued with totally false prophecies (with a short life span) that never came true.
    There is a halo effect around Medjugorje that goes on for decades, with some apparent good side-effects, and some people may feel it is then from Heavens. However God may turn even devil’s working into our benefit. Many times in history people have witnessed conversions and change of habits based on initially bad alarms; say, a start of the world war may trigger sudden interest in prayer and that prayer may transform many lives and change of habits, but the cause of that conversion was not originally good. However, that does not mean we should proclaim beginning of a world war worth of worship, and eagerly expect the next one.