OCT. 8, 2014…. 27 DAYS TO GO

Staring over the edge of the abyss the bottom is not even visible. Having nothing to lose, I think, ‘what the heck’ and jump.

BREAKING: no details as I start this,but it just came across the wires Thomas Duncan,the Lyin’ Liberian who lied to get into the country, has died from his Ebola infection. Get used to it,folks. It’ll happen again. As the disease spreads to Central America the illegal invaders will pour over the border into our homeland as water droplets over Niagra Falls.


Her name became part of our culture:she gave her boyfriend a Lewinsky.









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  1. Pistol Pete

    Colorado Held Hostage: Hickenlooper Says He ‘Could’ Grant Clemency To Mass Shooter If Not Re-Elected

    If Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) is not re-elected in November, he says he “could” respond to the loss by commuting the death sentence of mass shooter Nathan Dunlap.

    Dunlap is the infamous killer who shot 5 and killed 4 at an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese in 1993. He was angered over being fired, and Denver Magazine 5280 reports that Dunlap was at his girlfriend’s apartment having sex with her when the police tracked him down “only…a few hours” after the shootings.

    Dunlap was sentenced to death but when the date for his execution came up in 2013, Hickenlooper granted a “temporary reprieve.” The National Journal reported that he chose this action as a way to pass the buck on taking a firm stand on the death penalty.

    Here I thought I’d heard nearly everything.
    BTW…all his victims were white.



  2. Pistol Pete

    Anti-Obamacare movie producer randomly hit with first tax audit ever
    “random” my granny’s girdle.
    Logan Clements, producer of “Sick and Sicker: ObamaCare Canadian Style,” announced via press release Tuesday that he is being audited for the first time ever.

    The news comes one month after the conservative Breitbart News announced that it, too, was being audited and that the action was probably politically motivated.

    Mr. Clements‘ movie makes the case that Obamacare will eventually lead to socialized medicine like Canada.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Black Congresswoman Lectures Constituents
    hope you will spend this much time with your local elected officials. I guarantee you most people in this room have not done that. With your school board, with your city council, and so then you won’t be calling me talking about somebody didn’t come and pick up your trash. You need to call your city council person for that.
    The black caucus fights for you every day. Even when you won’t fight for yourself. We fight for you. Whether it’s immigration or education, whether it’s food stamps or housing, we fight for you every day. So my message to you is to contain your complaining
    Rep. Fudgesicle scolding the sheep.



  4. Pistol Pete

    W.H. Doubles Down: “No” Regrets On Obama Saying Policies Are On Ballot


  5. Pistol Pete

    Obama: ‘There’s A Sense … The World Is Spinning So Fast and Nobody Is Able To Control It’
    You sure as hell can’t.
    But Obama suggested that he has things under control.

    I was here in New York just a couple weeks ago — you noticed the traffic was even worse then — during the United Nations General Assembly annual gathering of world leaders. And it’s appropriate to talk a little bit on the front end about why this particular General Assembly was so indicative of America’s position in the world. There are times where I think in this country we doubt ourselves, and there are times when we’re uncertain of all the changes that are taking place all across the globe. And understandably, when you see the headlines every single day and you read about ISIS and Ebola and the Russian incursions into Ukraine, there’s a sense possibly that the world is spinning so fast and nobody is able to control it.
    Go on and preach to your flock,Homie.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Wal-Mart Eliminates Health Care Insurance Coverage for Most Part-Time Workers
    Starting Jan. 1, Wal-Mart told The Associated Press that it will no longer offer health insurance to employees who work less than an average of 30 hours a week. The move, which would affect 30,000 employees, follows similar decisions by Target, Home Depot and others to eliminate health insurance benefits for part-time employees.
    Obamacare claims more victims.


  7. Pistol Pete

    Virginia Dem Refuses To Address 250,000 Taxpayers Who Lost Healthcare Due To Obamacare
    Democratic Senator Mark Warner (D., Va.) refused to elaborate on the 250,000 Virginians that will lose their health care plans due to Obamacare during Tuesday’s Senate debate against Republican Ed Gillespie.

    Moderator Karen Tumulty asked Warner to respond to the taxpayers losing their plans, but Warner did not acknowledge the cancellations. Rather, he touted the elements of Obamacare that he believes Virginians support.


  8. Pistol Pete

    Sharpton lawyer accused of rape is ‘hung like a cashew’
    He kinda looks like the guy from Hardcore Pawn TV show

    I didn’t really have to include this link,but I couldn’t resist the headline.
    Accused-rapist lawyer Sanford Rubenstein is an aging, skirt-chasing lothario who relies on his wealth and notoriety to seduce the much-younger gals he favors — tall, tough, tattooed types, sources told The Post.

    “The guy’s hung like a cashew,” a source said Monday of Rubenstein, with a neighbor adding that the 70-year-old lawyer relies on amenities such as stretch limos to attract women.


  9. Pistol Pete

    Warren Buffett Says Hillary Will Run and Win in 2016, ‘I Will Bet Money on It’
    “Hillary is going to run,” the billionaire investor said at the Most Powerful Women Summit sponsored by Fortune magazine. “Hillary is going to win.”

    Thats a pretty risky prediction,given the media will contort themselves to protect her from having to answer for all the criminal acts she’s perpetrated and push her grandmotherhood and a promise of a return of the happy ’90s with these two scum in the White House.Then just let the democrat fraud machine and the abject ignorance of the parasitic hordes.


  10. Pistol Pete

    Obama still in office, but ex-aides’ books and claws are already out

    All presidents have had in-house critics. But rarely has a president faced the degree of public criticism from former senior Cabinet members that Obama has this year.
    The chorus of Cabinet members’ complaints “is really like no other case in the modern era,” said Aaron David Miller, who worked as a diplomat for presidents of both parties and is a vice president at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Fairly or not, they are “reinforcing the image of a president who has pushed risk aversion in foreign policy too far,” Miller said.


  11. Pistol Pete

    Michelle Obama tells students to use Election Day for first date: ‘Trust me, they’ll be impressed’


  12. Pistol Pete

    ESPN Hires Michelle Obama’s Brother 5 Months After Firing from Coaching Job

    ESPN confirms that they have hired Michelle Obama’s brother Craig Robinson as a men’s college basketball analyst for the cable network.

    Robinson was fired from his head basketball coaching job in Oregon State in May with three more years remaining on his contract.

    I’m sure he was hired strictly for his talent as a men’s basketball analyst.
    They wouldn’t dream of exploiting his relationship with Mooch and Obola.



  13. Pistol Pete

    Minnesota: Al Franken Leads the Republican By 18 Points

    Franken now leads McFadden 55 percent to 37 percent in the poll. That 18-point lead is double the nine point Franken advantage in our last poll a month ago. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.1 percent

    What’s going on with Minnesota?First they elect a wackjob governor whose nickname is “the Body” then this unfunny bastard steals norm Coleman’s seat with the most blatant fraud in recent memory.now they’re going to send his sorry ass back again.


  14. Pistol Pete

    Is Carly Fiorina the GOP’s answer to Hillary in 2016?
    When the door to 2016 does open, however, Fiorina expects Republicans to face a “unique challenge” in countering former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton if she runs as expected.

    “It’s a unique challenge because she’s a woman,” Fiorina said. “It’s a unique challenge because she inherits a fantastic ground game from President Obama … It’s unique because she will come into the race with a ton of money behind her and virtually unchallenged.”


  15. Pistol Pete

    #Ferguson Protesters Harass Cardinals Fans, Chant “USA!… F*ck ‘Em!” (Video)


    The “No Justice, No Baseball” protesters stood outside Busch Stadium near Ballpark Village and chanted and yelled at the baseball fans.

    On Monday the protesters came out and chanted:
    “USA… F*ck ‘em!… USA!… F*ck ‘em!”


  16. Pistol Pete

    MUSLIM WALKS! Any Law and Order in the US Anymore ?
    A judge in Pennsylvania. throws out the arrest of a muslim man on assault charges for striking a man in a Halloween costume of a zombie mohammad, stating the the assaulted man should have know better than to insult islam/muslims so deserved what he got.

    I say the judge did not render a decision based on law as the assault was witnessed. The man that was assaulted did not receive any justice and was, in fact, chastised by an individual laughingly referred to as a judge. The fact that the judges tenure on the bench was not terminated by the citizens of Pa. serves only to illustrate the lack of law and justice.


  17. Pistol Pete

    O’Keefe Strikes Again➙ Top Grimes Donor: She’s going to F*** ‘em (coal) if elected (Video)
    The Second Shoe Just Dropped–

    On Monday, investigative reporter James O’Keefe released an undercover video that shows five employees and associates of the Alison Grimes campaign speculating that the Democratic challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) is only professing her support for the coal industry out of political expediency.
    A top Grimes donor and real estate tycoon, Niko Elmaleh, was caught on tape saying Grimes was going to f*** the coal industry.

    “She’s going to F*** ‘em (coal) as soon as she gets elected.”
    The article has the ‘f’ bomb uncensored…you’ve been warned


  18. Pistol Pete

    Yup, Piers Morgan is Trying for FOX News

    Last night former CNN host Piers Morgan did something he never thought he’d do by sitting down for an interview at Fox News headquarters in New York City with Sean Hannity. Morgan is still set in his anti-Second Amendment views, but during the interview he offered a surprising critique of President Obama and gave extra criticism for recent comments he made on 60 Minutes blaming the intelligence community for failing to see the rise of ISIS in the Middle East


  19. I see you already got the Hicklegrickle threat, Pete. Surprised you didn’t get this one (or did you?):

    New York Appeals Court To Weigh Giving Legal Rights To Chimps — because they can be reliably trained to vote Democrat? We’re not just talking animal protection here. They’re talking “legal personhood” for chimpanzees.


  20. Then there’s this side of the “War on Terror” which like the War on Drugs is really a War on Some Not Others:

    DHS to intensify attacks on freedom oriented citizens

    “… a source who, speaking on condition of anonymity, alleges that just after the election a major initiative will be launched against citizens whose values are diametrically opposite to that of Barack Obama and the current Washington elitist leadership in Congress. According to the source, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will greatly intensify its attacks on freedom oriented citizens.”


  21. Catholic Nuns Release 2014 Election Guide Urging Voters to Support Amnesty, Gun Control, Climate Change
    via Breitbart

    Celebrities without credentials, why do they think anyone will listen to them? 🙂


  22. Crews transported a patient exhibiting “signs and symptoms of Ebola” from a Frisco CareNow to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

    The patient was identified as Sgt. Michael Monning, a deputy who accompanied county health officials Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins into the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed in Dallas.

    The deputy was ordered to go inside the unit with officials to get a quarantine order signed. No one who went inside the unit that day wore protective gear.

    [Not one of the people being monitored.]

    c/o Gateway Pundit


  23. On Ace this morning, commenter Aussie (not the same as PoliNation’s Aussie, AFAIK) mentioned this video, and I ran across it at I Own the World.

    Everybody was Kang-Roo fighting


  24. Hey, Pete. I forgot yesterday to wish the Pistol Mama a happy birthday. God bless her for putting up with you. Tell her thanks for sharing you.