Blood Moon 2 was last night

2014_10 08 Blood Moon 2 over Notre Dame Univ
Photo by Notre Dame University photographer Matt Cashore.  This photo is available as a print here:


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  1. Time is getting short! Thanks for this, Chrissy.

    I spent over an hour last night watching that moon go down over the plains. It was spectacular. Otherworldly.

    I didn’t have a choice, though. I was driving back from another town after bailing my kid out of jail again and sitting in court all day. It’s a long story, but it was another completely pointless arrest. Cop walked up to him in a public place during the day while he was out with a gal friend and said: “I noticed you’re avoiding me. Do you have something to hide?” He replied that he certainly was. Being on probation, he was required to report all contact with law enforcement, so he was not eager to get into a discussion. “Do you mind if I search you?” You can guess how this ended. He had nothing illegal on him, of course. He’s been peeing in cups for months even though the previous DUI blood test came back zeroes (which I just heard confirmed in court). But it didn’t matter. Later on, the public defender explained that the case should have been thrown out immediately and the cop disciplined, but we drew “the toughest judge” in the county, and she’s never seen a case that she didn’t send on to the next level.

    On the plus side, number one son now has a “prison nickname”: “Boy Scout.” As in “Whatcha in for, Boy Scout?” He now has some new rapist and murder buddies. Not kidding.

    Since we can afford the thousands of bucks of bond money needed to wade through this, I’m not as pissed off as I could be. But it makes me sick for our country that blatant 4th Amendment violations have become so common and so outrageous. I watched 6 other cases go through the court yesterday also, and it made me sick to my stomach the number of them that should not be settled in court (all of them) and the extent to which the system was impoverishing already poor people just trying to keep their jobs. I watched a father stand up in the gallery and plead that a DV charge brought by the People against his wife be dropped, so they could go home and take care of their 3 children. I watched as the bitch judge set a few thousand bond (they didn’t have) and set an unasked-for no-contact order between the couple. That permanently complicated their lives, all because some neighbor had called 911 because of shouting.

    I just love our justice system, but this is only a tiny aspect of all the misjustice that’s going on in our country. Our first Ebola victim has died, apparently. A victim that our President’s Executive branch was tasked with preventing by restricting flights a long time ago. He would still be dead if the Pres had done his job, but he would be dead in Liberia, while the fight to contain carried on there.

    Gruntessa asked me last night: “Why is this all happening so much right now? Why now?” Maybe the Blood Moons are the last sign we get before all four Horsemen achieve their relevance?


  2. Ting

    Oh, Lord. This is out of control. The moon was beautiful but scary, too. I’m thinking about you and yours.