Project Veritas uncovers more scumbags at Battleground Texas

Project Veritas investigators has once again caught Battleground Texas operatives turning a blind eye to potential voter registration fraud by their own volunteers. When an undercover investigator “admitted” to illegally registering voters and throwing away registrations from Republicans, the Battleground Texas operatives tacitly approved the violation and did not report it to the authorities.

2014_09 29 Project Veritas catches Battleground Texas again

Sep 29, 2014: Caught on Tape: Battleground Texas Violating Election Laws Again? [7:34]

This is far from the first (or second or third) time that Project Veritas has uncovered dirt on Battleground Texas.

January 23, 2014: BGTX workers ridicule the Republican gubernatorial candidate’s disability and ignore a volunteer’s report about voter fraud. [2:22]

Project Veritas BGTX illegally harvesting voter info

Feb 19, 2014: Battleground Texas volunteers talk about forging signatures on official voting documents (which is voter fraud) and transcribing personal information from voter registration forms (also illegal). This video also reviews a previous Project Veritas exposé in which Obamacare navigators with Enroll America Texas were caught harvesting personal information from enrollees to give to Battleground Texas. James O’Keefe then demonstrates the connection between Battleground Texas and ACORN. [7:10]


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