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Barack Obama: The New George W. Bush

2001 Bush and 2014 Obama UN speeches

Barack Obama’s speech at the UN was a repeat of the one George W. Bush gave 13 years ago. Obama even wore the same colored suit, shirt and tie!

Sept 24, 2014 The Kelly Files – The War on Terror: Then and Now

When the White House denied the blatant similarities, Megyn hit us with Part Two!

Sept 25, 2014 The Kelly Files – The War on Terror: Then and Now < THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD!

In 2008, I was 100% convinced that when push came to shove, President Obama would put politics and his own backside ahead of national security. I have seen nothing he’s done during his administration to change my opinion.

Text of Bush’s U.N. speech on November 10, 2001

Click to access 18967.pdf

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The HATE is strong on the LEFT

Liberal cognitive dissonance Hope she chokes Hate free zone

2014_09 18 Amanda with Gov Perry

2012_06 15 First Ever Gay Pride Party at WH

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First female UAE pilot joins fight against ISIS

2014_09 24 ISIS bombed by female pilot

It is said that some Muslim terrorists believe they won’t go to heaven if they are killed by a female fighter. I have no idea if this is true or not.


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Shana Tova!

Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. The traditional greeting – Shana Tova – means “good year.” It is pronounced shah NA toh VAH.  Hear it pronounced @ http://www.forvo.com/word/shana_tova/.  Happy New Year and Happy Rosh Hashana work just as well. 🙂

2014_09-10 Tishri 5775 Calendar

Today is also the beginning of HY 5775, which is a Shemitah (or Sabbath) Year during which God commanded the Jews to leave the land fallow and trust in His providence for their needs. On the last day of a Shemitah Year, Elul 29, all debts are forgiven.  This year, Elul 29 will fall on Sept 13, 2015.

Pastor Cahn, who is a Messianic Jew, believes the Shemitahs of the 21st century have prophetic significance. He explains this in his books, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah.

Read here about Shemitah and Pastor Cahn’s work


I also believe 5775 has prophetic significance, not only because I think Cahn’s arguments are compelling, but also because I see God speaking prophetically through Mary at Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje.

I have written before about my theory that Mary’s daily appearances at Medjugorje are retracing her son’s First Coming in preparation for His Second Coming. I have lined up evidence from the Bible, from the Jewish-Roman calendars, and from sky charts to demonstrate that the Medjugorje Anniversaries of the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension fall in HY 5775, during CE 2015.

I have found the symbolism of these numbers significant, because 1 is God, 2 is Jesus, 5 is Mary, 7 is completeness. I see in 5775 and 2015 a message about the First Coming (57 and 2) when God chose Mary to bear and raise His Only Son and of the Second Coming (75 and 15) when, among other things, Jesus will reveal to the whole world in an overt and unmistakable way that His Blessed Mother is the Ark of the Covenant and the Queen of Heaven.

Read here why Catholics call Mary the Ark of the New Covenant


Read here why Catholics call Mary the Queen of Heaven


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To any of our Jewish friends we wish you a happy Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. As Christians we recognize you are a cornerstone of the Judeo-Christian life and we stand in solidarity with you.

Rosh Hashanah celebrated globally, as Jews usher in the Hebrew New Year




My grandparents had a standing date every saturday night.They’d go to one particular restaurant for supper.I was maybe 5 or 6 when they first took me with them.When we were seated,Grandpa had his beer,Granny had her coffee and I ordered a glass of milk.I took a taste of it and called the waitress back.
There’s been a mistake…I ordered milk
thats what you have
No,it isn’t
Yes,it is
Then with as much indignity as a five year old can muster,I snapped:lady,I’ve been drinking milk MY WHOLE LIFE!!
It was at this point Granny had to tell her that I was used to milk straight from the cow.
Granddad was laughing so hard people thought he was having a seizure.He told people that story for years.






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Caption contest

2014_09 24 Jake Tapper's caption contest


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