Obamacrat Elitism

Biden - Seabonack golf club

Seabonack Golf Club

  • Membership for golf and access to four-bedroom cottages: $650,000.
  • Membership for golf only: $500,000.
  • Annual dues: $12,000 per year.
  • Caddies fees and incidentals not included.


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One response to “Obamacrat Elitism

  1. Hillary? Tone deaf. Barack? Even more tone deaf. But Uncle Joe? Ain’t nobody more tone deaf than him. That’s why he had to ask Jill Biden 8 times to marry him. He honestly didn’t realize that what he was doing was stalking, and it was a felony in Delaware. Lucky for him, his PhD future wife is even more clueless than he is. Unless he used long-term date-rape drugs on her. That could explain some things.