Marines disrespected by CINC

It absolutely KILLS ME that this man is in charge of our Armed Forces.

2014_09 23 Obama salutes with coffee cup

Is this the Most Degrading Salute Ever to Men in Uniform? [:07]

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7 responses to “Marines disrespected by CINC

  1. freedom1781

    Hubby and I just finished a conversation about this incident. You will be hard-pressed nowadays to find anyone in the military who like Obama.


    • I just can’t believe it. What’s next? A joy buzzer? A salute with a polish sausage in his hand? The CinC knows you can’t even effing salute a dog with an effing Starbucks in your right hand. What a dick.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      In 2008, my kid was checking into a new base while the tv was playing some Obama thing. She tried to ignore it because the mostly civilian staff in the admin office was majority black and she knew he had something like 95% plus approval among blacks. Then one of the gals behind the counter said something derogatory and my kid remarked, “You don’t like him?” The office staffer said, “Everybody we know around here HATES him.” Yes, that date at the top is correct. 2008.

      I found a 2011 Gallup analysis of Obama approvals that compared military with general across 7 age groups. Military was 7-14 pts lower. I averaged them all and got -9.


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    Barry Hussein Sotero Obungler: disgraceful disrespectful douche bag.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Did anyone here watch the boy with the flag on D-Day video? At the end, the mother (who made the video) put in a long explanation/apology from her 11 yo son for the fact that he had saluted with his feet apart, which is incorrect. His intention had been to stand at ease, holding the flag, but part way through his vigil, he had a vision of soldiers landing on the beach and spontaneously saluted. Then he decided to hold the salute as long as he could, but realized his feet were at ease, but that the wind was so strong, he literally could not hold the flag if he didn’t keep his feet spread. He was most anxious that viewers understand and forgive him. I think she said he held the salute for about an hour and a half until he literally collapsed into her arms from exhaustion. That boy is 100 times the man our _resident is.


  4. I just wrote about this very thing on my blog (don’t want to link it though, without your permission). It disgusts me. As a veteran, I am offended. As a patriot, I am offended. He should know better.