The big problem with the “let them duke it out” position

Some folks are talking about ISIS like it’s strictly a Middle Eastern problem and if we stick our noses in, we’re just being imperialistic busybodies. These folks need to catch a clue. It’s our problem because THEY made it our problem, because THEY hate us, and because they are OVER HERE encouraging one another to kill us.

2014_09 ISIS tweets

2014_09 16 Rochester resident indicted for terrorism

The reason we didn’t have any terror attacks after 9/11 is that Bush took the fight to them. Obama, the traitorous bastard, has done the opposite. It gives me great comfort thinking about what awaits him at Final Judgment.

Man in WH who doesn't belong



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5 responses to “The big problem with the “let them duke it out” position

  1. Ting

    We were listening to the business channel while cooking tonight and the news was that some of the Americans who have joined ISIS have returned to the US. For the first time I thought that I might want to get a concealed carry permit. I don’t want to be one of the women “enslaved” by those maniacs, which was their threat to us very recently. Those zealots make me so mad that I just don’t know what I might be capable of doing if I were to come across one of them.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The news that they are targeting individual families, particularly uniformed families, makes me want to go into orbit. Them’s our mascots we’re talking about.


  2. I’m for fighting ISIS as much as the next guy, but does the House GOP have any cohones at all?
    They’re going to publicly back the boy king in bombing whomever and wherever he wants, for any reason? Without even seeking their approval? Without asking how he can possibly distinguish between ISIS forces and Syrian gov’t forces and civilian utility workers? Without asking any questions at all? So, I guess a few anti-war demonstrations are really out of the question at this point?