Joe Biden’s Gaffetastic Week

Personally, I couldn’t care less about any of this stuff. Clearly, Biden thinks he’s a laugh-riot and that his off-the-cuff remarks are cuter than a little baby’s button nose. But since the Left goes into orbit any time a Republican makes any remark even resembling the crap Biden gets away with … I think Biden’s remarks should also be put out there. Maybe they’ll wake somebody up.

2014_09 Biden's gaffe tastic week

Fave tweets:

  • Joe Biden uses the term “Shylock,” gets away with it because he’s a Dem and Jewish Dems don’t care.
  • You can’t blame Biden for praising Packwood, it’s just a habit. He’s in the party that praises and glorifies Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.
  • More chances for the media to tell us that a Democrat’s use of ethnically-insulting language is “earthy” or “folksy.”
  • Political Correctness only applies when lefties think they can bludgeon a conservative with it.
  • They say Palin is the stupid one, right?
  • Dan Quayle misspelled one word and had his political career and life turned into a joke for all eternity.
  • A heartbeat away folks. A heartbeat away.
  • Democrat privilege is a powerful thing.
  • Seems like every time the prez says something stupid crazy Uncle Joe says something even more stupid. Coincidence?


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2 responses to “Joe Biden’s Gaffetastic Week

  1. Spit some coffee out with a few of those tweet. Pretty funny.

    This one was pretty sobering, though:
    “Democrat privilege is a powerful thing.”
    It’s true! Idiots keep talking about “white privilege.” That Democrat privilege is the most powerful thing since titanium under ware.


  2. Ting

    Those are very funny. That “Democrat privilege” that Grunt mentioned above is a good one to tuck away in our memory bank – I feel sure the chance to use it will come way before we think.