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MUST view video – six minutes

Feminism vs. Truth [5:54]

2014_09 15 Matt Walsh tweets microaggression jokes
Liberal reactions to logical arguments BINGO

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The big problem with the “let them duke it out” position

Some folks are talking about ISIS like it’s strictly a Middle Eastern problem and if we stick our noses in, we’re just being imperialistic busybodies. These folks need to catch a clue. It’s our problem because THEY made it our problem, because THEY hate us, and because they are OVER HERE encouraging one another to kill us.

2014_09 ISIS tweets

2014_09 16 Rochester resident indicted for terrorism

The reason we didn’t have any terror attacks after 9/11 is that Bush took the fight to them. Obama, the traitorous bastard, has done the opposite. It gives me great comfort thinking about what awaits him at Final Judgment.

Man in WH who doesn't belong



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Name That Island!

Ooooooooh! I saw this once on Animal Planet. Papua New Guinea? Java? Nope. Manhattan Island, New York City, USA. Some call it the center of civilization. Some also say this People’s Climate March is all about science. Wait, I mean SCIENCE! Do you see any scientists in this picture? Neither do I. But these days, how could you tell?
Hat tip to Marc Hilliker for the photo.

Wherever this island is, it’s certainly not a place that has a Constitution with a Bill of Rights protecting free speech.  That much is obvious, because this aspiring dictator, Robert Kennedy, Jr., was there …
And he just stated quite explicitly that he wants to put you in jail if you disagree with him on just about anything. He especially wants to put you in jail if you are a climate change “denier”, because you are guilty of “a criminal offense – and [you] ought to be serving time for it.”

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What do you do when faced with imminent death?

What do you do when faced with imminent death?

a) Put your hands together and beseech God Almighty.
b) Videotape yourself with your iPhone.

Jetblue flight 1416 9/18/2014

What do you do when your damaged plane is making an emergency landing and the flight attendants are yelling BRACE BRACE BRACE?

a) Fold yourself into the emergency landing BRACE position.
b) Stay upright and videotape the landing with your iPhone.

Jetblue flight 1416 landing 9/18/2014

Is it just me or do some people really have screwed up priorities?

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Joe Biden’s Gaffetastic Week

Personally, I couldn’t care less about any of this stuff. Clearly, Biden thinks he’s a laugh-riot and that his off-the-cuff remarks are cuter than a little baby’s button nose. But since the Left goes into orbit any time a Republican makes any remark even resembling the crap Biden gets away with … I think Biden’s remarks should also be put out there. Maybe they’ll wake somebody up.

2014_09 Biden's gaffe tastic week

Fave tweets:

  • Joe Biden uses the term “Shylock,” gets away with it because he’s a Dem and Jewish Dems don’t care.
  • You can’t blame Biden for praising Packwood, it’s just a habit. He’s in the party that praises and glorifies Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton.
  • More chances for the media to tell us that a Democrat’s use of ethnically-insulting language is “earthy” or “folksy.”
  • Political Correctness only applies when lefties think they can bludgeon a conservative with it.
  • They say Palin is the stupid one, right?
  • Dan Quayle misspelled one word and had his political career and life turned into a joke for all eternity.
  • A heartbeat away folks. A heartbeat away.
  • Democrat privilege is a powerful thing.
  • Seems like every time the prez says something stupid crazy Uncle Joe says something even more stupid. Coincidence?


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It is a tense time here at the old bunkhouse. I have always maintained the secret to a happy marriage is having two televisions at opposite ends of the house. I use the standard vision set I’ve had for years in my mancave,which ironically also happens to be our spare bedroom. DW got an HDTV for Christmas two years ago from her son. My TV has given up the ghost. The picture tube is shot. It is used largely as background noise while I’m doing computer stuff,but I always take time for my favorite westerns in the afternoon. Such is the life of an old retired guy who’s partially disabled. I’ll buy a newfangled telly tomorrow,but I have to get stepson to hook it up. He does all the audio/video wiring for us. He still works and has to make time to do it. I keep forgetting how inconvenient it is for people who still have to go to a job.


Eighteen years old. First non-double car date. Drive-in movie theater. Sweet young thing. We commenced to hugging and kissing and acting like two bunny rabbits. She looked at me and said:
‘Shouldn’t we wait until its dark or at least get back in the car?’
Windows fogged up,lips are numb,drool running from the corners of my mouth. Then she smiles,reaches one hand under the back of her sweater. A few movements and she pulls her bra out of her sleeve. It was my first experience with “shock and awe.”








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