UPDATE: Iraq and Canon Andrew White

2014 Canon White

I’ve been following Canon Andrew’s Facebook feed so I can share first-hand stuff about the ISIS situation with all y’all. Today, he posted this video. You should watch it. And, if you have not already read Son of Hamas, find a copy! I finished it last night. It’s a compelling, personal story that astonished me. I really thought I knew what the biography of the eldest son of the founder of Hamas would be like. It’s not.

Iraqi TV Host Breaks Down in Tears at Plight of Christians [1:51]

Recently, Canon Andrew has been in the United States. The following is from his Facebook Timeline.

Sept 12: I am in England just about to leave for the US in the morning. Whilst back in Iraq the huge crisis for the Christian community continues. The enormity of it is just beginning to sink in. At least 250,000 people have been forced from their homes their churches and their towns. They have been persecuted in ways too awful to describe. Their children have been killed mutilated and made to suffer in ways we never thought possible. Yet in the midst of all this G-d’s glory has never left us.

Sept 15: Today was another amazing full day in DC. … We had a very high profile visit (to the National Holocaust Museum] that was all filmed followed by a lecture we gave. It was hard being in a place to remember the greatest tragedy in history, and yet being so aware of the disaster facing our Iraqi Christians and others. Let us remember the past to try and prevent it from ever happening again.

Sept 17: It is a big day for me today. I begin by opening the [U.S.] Senate in Prayer. Have a series of meetings in the Senate and Congress then this afternoon am presented with the Ann Frank Award by the Dutch Government at the US house of Congress. To have the Dutch Government present one with an award in memory of the great young Anne Frank in the US Congress is truly wonderful. Yesterday we had a great celebration dinner at the Embassy of the Netherlands in DC now today is the great day, a very humbling experience.

Sept 19: I’m on my way to Texas to appear today live on Daystar TV on the Marcus and Joni Show it will be great. Yesterday was a great Day in New York incredible meetings, they worked me hard all day I was up from 4am to1am today. In the evening had an amazing dinner with friends from around the world. Sunday morning I am preaching at Christ Church Plano Texas do come if your in that part of the world.

Canon Andrew’s Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/apbw2

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