The March of the Climate Hypocrites

Sunday was “Love Gaia Day” … or something. Thousands of Liberal tree huggers took to the streets to DEMAND action on climate change.

2014_09 21 Al Gore's Al Jazeera hypocrisy

2014_09 21 Leonardo Dicaprior hypocrite

2014_09 21 Climate march mess

Favorite tweets:

  • Marching for climate justice in New York is a fashion statement. Marching for peace in Moscow is brave.
  • Dear #PeoplesClimate #ClimateMarch: If you’re worried about deaths, fight #ISIS & #Ebola, you know, those 2 things actually killing people.
  • The #PeopleClimateMarch supporters should visit poor third world villages & tell them they don’t deserve life saving electricity.

Twitchy reposted a tweet that included a screenshot of a graphic I made.

Someone responded with a link to an article that griped about how the people who claim there’s been no significant climate change are STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID and using cherry picked data.

I don’t do Twitter, so I couldn’t respond with the pithy and perspicacious FACT that climate alarmists have been cherry picking data from the get go.  Like, for example, IGNORING and even COVERING UP the well-documented FACT that the planet was WARMER during the Medieval Warm Period than it is now and that during this period, human civilizations FLOURISHED, because you know more food and stuff.




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8 responses to “The March of the Climate Hypocrites

  1. Was that your graphic with the plot of global temp over 17 years, 11 months? I didn’t know that was yours! I’ve seen that echoed in a few places. Nice job!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I didn’t make the original graph. But I did quite a lot of tweaking to make it easier to read and understand. It’s like what I often do with tweets, GALLUP graphs and redpill’s jobs reports … deleting extraneous information, enlarging and darkening what matters, putting titles and color keys into sizes and places where a quick glance is enough.

      Graph-making software gets the data in place, but the titles are usually tiny and there is very often a lot of blank space. Then the URL and keys are often put underneath which makes the graphic bigger and the graph information itself smaller. IMO, it’s like standing in a huge empty room and whispering the most important information.

      E.g., You can tell on this one where I clipped out the title and put it on top of the graph, because the graph lines are whited out underneath.


  2. What a bunch of idiots at the PCM. I guess nobody told Bernie that the scientific consensus in 1974 for a coming ice age was 97%, too. You can’t tell me he doesn’t remember that far back. At least Leonardo has the excuse of not being born yet.