Dr. ‘Fraudpants’ Mann’s Lawsuit Against Mark Steyn Generating Hilarity on Twitter

Something significant happened Tuesday in the court case filed by Penn State’s Professor Michael E. Mann against notorious “climate denier” Mark Steyn. The very poorly thought-out lawsuit, perhaps encouraged by some of the worst lawyers in the world, was filed in order to silence Mr. Steyn from criticizing the “settled” climate science claims of Dr. Mann. I’ll let Mr. Steyn describe the new developments:

Ever since this tedious suit was launched by Doctor Fraudpants in defense of his global-warming hockey stick, Michael Mann’s supporters have insisted that it’s not, as I and my fellow defendants have insisted, about free speech. Instead, as they see it, it’s about science finally fighting back against a sustained assault by Koch-funded “denialists”.

A few weeks ago, you’ll recall, the ACLU, The Washington Post, NBC News, The Los Angeles Times and various other notorious right-wing deniers all filed amici briefs opposed to Michael Mann and his assault on free speech. They did this not because they have any great love for me, but because their antipathy to wackjob foreign blowhards is outweighed by their appreciation of the First Amendment – and an understanding of the damage a Mann victory would inflict on it.

Well, yesterday was the deadline, and not a single amicus brief was filed on behalf of Mann. Not one. So Michael Mann is taking a stand for science. But evidently science is disinclined to take a stand for Michael Mann. The self-appointed captain of the hockey team is playing solo.

But that’s not all that happened. In the wake of his lawsuit misfortunes, Dr. Mann decided to go public with a Twitter discussion entitled #askdrmann that was intended to demonstrate the overwhelming support for Mann’s climate change hysteria. That’s not the way it worked out. In fact, over the last two days, the Twitter traffic on that hashtag hit the ground running as a hilarious mock-fest against the good doctor, and it hasn’t let up. The exchange has been reported by Twitchy, and here are some examples:



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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Love it!! Thanks, Grunt!


  2. This is hilarious. Dr. Hockeystick is probably wondering why he ever thought it would be a good idea to tangle with Mark Steyn.