Space Taxis and Muslims

Sept 16, 2014: NASA has awarded contracts to Boeing Co. and SpaceX to design and build space taxis to carry U.S. astronauts into orbit by 2017.  Since our last space shuttle was mothballed in 2011, we have been dependent on Russia for space rides.

2014_09 16 NASA awards contract for space taxis

“Most ambitious and exciting chapter in the history of NASA.”  Excuse me?!?!  Weren’t the people who took us to the MOON not HUMANS working for NASA?

1969 Moon landing

According to Wikipedia, the reason NASA has been reduced to thumbing rides from the people we beat to the moon is … BARACK OBAMA.

In November 2007, presidential candidate Obama announced his intention to delay NASA’s Constellation program by five years in order to fund education programs. There was concern that any delay would prolong the gap after the Space Shuttle’s retirement, when the US would be dependent on the Russian government for access to the International Space Station. Other presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton, did not support the delay.

So, Obama got into office, stole shuttle development money from NASA to pay back the NEA for all the money they had shoveled into his campaign, and the American shuttle program went the way of the dodo.

Then, he told his new NASA chief to stop wasting time with all that science-y space stuff and get busy helping Muslims feel better about the fact that they have contributed nothing meaningful to scientific and technological research since the 11th century.

2010 NASA mission - Make Muslims feel good

Space taxis and Muslims There’s an ethnically insensitive joke in there somewhere.


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