Bias is just as much what isn’t reported as what is

2014_09 04 GALLUP BHO approval poll

Obama job approval is almost identical to what Bush’s was at this point in his presidency in September 2006. In 2006, this was news. Now? Not so much.

2014_09 GALLUP Prez approvals Bush v Obama

This bias extends to the media’s own polls.

2014_09 BHO WSJ-NBC approval numbers tanking



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3 responses to “Bias is just as much what isn’t reported as what is

  1. If they’re going to go to the trouble of paying for the internal polls, that means they already think the results are worth reporting. When they then withhold the results, it seems to me that’s almost as unethical and manipulative as if they’d simply made up results to report.


  2. That GAO report today confirmed what we feared. Nearly all plans fail to book-keep the part of your premiums that go to fund abortions.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I wish there was some way to factor the impact of media bias on approval polls. Bush and Obama are at similar places number-wise, but Bush’s was with super negative media coverage while Obama’s is with super positive media coverage. IMO, Bush’s should’ve been higher and Obama’s should be a LOT lower.