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Bias is just as much what isn’t reported as what is

2014_09 04 GALLUP BHO approval poll

Obama job approval is almost identical to what Bush’s was at this point in his presidency in September 2006. In 2006, this was news. Now? Not so much.

2014_09 GALLUP Prez approvals Bush v Obama

This bias extends to the media’s own polls.

2014_09 BHO WSJ-NBC approval numbers tanking



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Space Taxis and Muslims

Sept 16, 2014: NASA has awarded contracts to Boeing Co. and SpaceX to design and build space taxis to carry U.S. astronauts into orbit by 2017.  Since our last space shuttle was mothballed in 2011, we have been dependent on Russia for space rides.

2014_09 16 NASA awards contract for space taxis

“Most ambitious and exciting chapter in the history of NASA.”  Excuse me?!?!  Weren’t the people who took us to the MOON not HUMANS working for NASA?

1969 Moon landing

According to Wikipedia, the reason NASA has been reduced to thumbing rides from the people we beat to the moon is … BARACK OBAMA.

In November 2007, presidential candidate Obama announced his intention to delay NASA’s Constellation program by five years in order to fund education programs. There was concern that any delay would prolong the gap after the Space Shuttle’s retirement, when the US would be dependent on the Russian government for access to the International Space Station. Other presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton, did not support the delay.

So, Obama got into office, stole shuttle development money from NASA to pay back the NEA for all the money they had shoveled into his campaign, and the American shuttle program went the way of the dodo.

Then, he told his new NASA chief to stop wasting time with all that science-y space stuff and get busy helping Muslims feel better about the fact that they have contributed nothing meaningful to scientific and technological research since the 11th century.

2010 NASA mission - Make Muslims feel good

Space taxis and Muslims There’s an ethnically insensitive joke in there somewhere.


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The hot mess that is Obama’s foreign policy

2014_09 16 3 of 5 swapped GITMO now with ISIS

2014_09 13 Obama spinning the news

The following list of attendants at Obama’s closed-door, off-the-record, pre-ISIS meeting was leaked to Huffington Post: President Obama, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, plus the dean of the Columbia Journalism School and reporters, columnists and editors from The New York Times (4); The Washington Post (3); The New Yorker (2); The Atlantic (2); The New Republic (1); The Wall Street Journal (1); and The Daily Beast (1).

2014_09 Bush v Obama and media invasion

Rep Mike McCaul (R-TX) says he talked to the Prince of Jordan last week who told him “I’m willing to put my troops into Syria today if your government would ask us to do that.” Apparently, Obama declined, even though he told us that this is precisely what he wanted … Arab nations willing to send THEIR military boots in to fight ISIS.

Sep 13, 2014: Judge Jeanine destroys Obama’s “ISIL is not Islamic” claim [6:30]

Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq despite his own military leaders and the Iraqi leaders saying that was a bad idea. Then he swapped five high value extremist Muslim leaders for one lowly American soldier who very likely deserted his unit. Now he’s dragging his feet, spinning the news and talking out of both sides of his mouth. The boots are not boots. The Islamists are not Islamic. The war is not a war.  Now we learn he is actually turning down the exact kind of help he claims he wants in order to deal with ISIS’ bloody rampage across Iraq and Syria.

The Bible said we should judge people by their fruits. It looks very much to me like Obama’s REAL plan is to HELP the Anti-Christ grow a global, extremist Muslim Caliphate. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s been promised one of the ten kingdoms.

2014_09 Obama is above all that



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Yesterday was the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in some time. Or off. At my age it makes no difference either way.
Spent part of last night downloading some really funny stuff. I’ve all but given up on IE. I can only hope death comes to me as slowly as it loads some pages. As granny used to say: ‘It ain’t worth the powder to blow it to perdation.’

Feel free to steal as many of these as you wish.






Chrissy: this is a “back at ya” for the fertilized egg joke!


Aung San Suu Kyi, Hillary Rodham Clinton





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