Boatlift 9-11: Greater even than Dunkirk

This is a MUST SEE video.  (Get some tissues.)

BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience [11:56]


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6 responses to “Boatlift 9-11: Greater even than Dunkirk

  1. I love this story. That so many people were willing to put their own safety, comfort, and convenience at risk to rescue complete strangers is astonishing enough, and that they did it with zero preparation or planning makes it even more so. That they were able to evacuate half a million people without even one person being injured in the process is miraculous.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I didn’t want to cheapen the post by mentioning the _Resident, but I couldn’t help thinking, “THIS is America. Not Obama’s America, but the REAL America.”


  2. This story, and the story of the towns in Canada that took in grounded plane passengers that couldn’t get home, and brought them into their own homes. . . man, I really tear up. . .

    And such a reminder of the bright, shining goodness in so many people that is usually only ever seen when everything else is dark and horrible. . .


  3. barnslayer

    Good stuff! Thanks for posting this. I was on 57th St. NYC when it happened. We heard about it on the radio and dismissed our patients. We went outside and asked a cop directing traffic how we could help. He said “See if they need blood but don’t go downtown.” The hospitals told us they were already swamped with donors. My friend with the MTA (Coney island office) called and told me to sit tight. He took the A train (subway) up to my office. He said the train slowed at the WTC stop (under the towers) but didn’t open up. It was empty of people. Once we met up we took the subway to Penn Station, the LIRR and home. It was like it happened a world away. God’s Grace.

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