Just a little fun before my morning nap:

How many of these do you remember?


I used to put this under my pillow and try to listen to WLS’s top ten most requested songs quietly enough not to make granny tell me to turn it off.

I learned to drive in a 1953 Chevy like this with a three on the tree.


I had a discussion with GP on Facebook this week about 7th and 8th grade dances we had in the school gym. We called them sock hops. She said hers were just called dances. Remember ‘At The Hop’ by Danny and the Juniors?



CtH got this one right away



Granny used this stuff liberally. I could never remember which one stung when you put it on… this stuff or iodine.





Theses are the first three Barbie dolls made. The one on top is a #1,made in 1959. The one on the left is a #2 made in 1960. The ones on the right are #3’s made in 1961. The way you see them,if in excellent condition they’re worth $600-about $900. In the box they are currentlybringing $3000-$6000. Ten years ago they sold for twice that.


I watched my great Uncle Homer use this many times.


Hope you enjoyed. Be back a little later.


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  1. I still use my mom’s Corning wear casserole dishes!


    • Pistol Pete

      Granny had some Corning Wear in her culinary arsenal,but we ate off of Melmac dinner plates…..we couldn’t break them.
      The only time we used the sterling silver service and the china dishes was for Thanksgiving and Christmas vittles.

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      • Gruntessa has those exact same Corning casserole dishes in the cupboard right now, but they’re a little more worn than that.

        Thanks for reminding me about the Mercurochrome! I think I still have a small bottle in my camping first aid kit. Geez, I’ve gotta upgrade!


        • I absolutely hated mercurochrome when I was a kid! My mother swore by it, and she always doused it on every cut, scratch, and scrape that I got (and I got a lot of them). It made me scream like hell, and my mother figured that the louder I screamed, the better the stuff was working — it must be really destroying those germs if it was causing me that much pain. My mother really seemed to believe that pain was good for you.

          All my friends’ mothers used Bactine, which also stung like hell, but at least it didn’t leave a hideous orange stain on your skin, as mercurochrome did. I really envied the kids whose mothers used Bactine. Weirdly, I never questioned the then-conventional wisdom that it was absolutely necessary to put stinging, burning substances on open wounds.

          Still, when I became a mother myself, I never used Bactine, mercurochrome, or anything else other than soap, warm water, and bandaids on my kids when they got cuts and scrapes. I just couldn’t stand the thought of making them scream in pain like that. And wonder of wonders, not once did any of my kids ever get an infection as a result of my failure to torture them with disinfectants and germicides.

          Nowadays, even conventional MDs are saying that all those disinfectants and germicides are completely unnecessary for the ordinary cuts and scrapes and scratches that kids get — all you really need to do is wash them with soap and water and then keep them covered while they heal. So I guess for once I really was ahead of my time.


          • Good point! I’ll never forget taking my son to the ortho-surgeon to get the pins screwed out of his wrist bones. I asked the doc: “Aren’t you going to smear some anti-something on those holes that go all all the way into the bones before you slap a band-aid on them?” He just shook his head. “Waste of time. More harm than good.” He said. I was shocked.


            • Anyway, mercury is poison and it damages your nervous system. I attribute all my health problems to the huge quantities of toxic mercury that my own mother poured into my open wounds when I was but a small defenseless child.


  2. Idahoboy

    The shaving cream brush on the right has Don King’s hair. lol


  3. Speaking of memories: “Goodbye Kitty!”
    British schoolgirl breaks up with jihadi boyfriend over kitten after running away to fight with ISIS in Syria.


  4. Ting

    I think I have a number 2 Barbie in my attic, but her hair is a mess, and she probably has crayon blush on her cheeks. Maybe she has dry rotted by now being up in that heat for the past 40 plus years!