Their concerted efforts to ignore facts

2014_09 09 NYT Bagdad bureau chief on Obama's Iraq policy

Jay Carney left TIME to perform as Obama’s personal liar.  Now he’s left the White Hut for a gig at CNN.  Tweeters reported that his first outing — interviewing John McCain about ISIS — didn’t go well at all.  My favorite tweet: “ISIS may not be JV, but Jay Carney certainly looked like it during that debate with McCain.”  I kind of cleaned up and organized McCain’s remarks, because the substance of what he said was really worth reading.

Facts are stubborn things. The Iraq War was won thanks to the Surge. The victory was there. All we needed was a force behind to provide support – not to engage in combat – but to supply support, logistics, intelligence. After the Korean War, we left troops behind. After Bosnia, we left troops behind. Not to fight but be a stabilizing force.

All of Obama’s military advisers told him we needed to leave a residual force in Iraq. Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman and I, we were in Baghdad. They wanted a residual force.

Obama refused and bragged about pulling all our troops out. But removing out troops is the reason we’re facing ISIS today.

President Obama says we have not yet detected specific plotting against our homeland. But on the day he left our prison in Iraq, Mr. Baghdadi [head of ISIS] said, “See you in New York.” ISIS is urging attacks on the United States on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, we had a hearing and there was testimony from the counterterrorism people and the Department of Homeland Security. There is a great concern that both our southern and northern borders are porous and that they will be coming across.

So is there a specific, direct threat? No, but is there any doubt to what their goal is?

– John McCain (Sept 10, 2014)


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One response to “Their concerted efforts to ignore facts

  1. Good post.
    We don’t have a real Federal government, but a corrupt regime, headed by a self appointed king. He’s unconcerned about problems effecting Americans (those which he’s created) and the terror threat (he’s ignored). His sympathies lie with islam, which become more obvious every day. He has one goal – transform and punish America for her greatness and “exceptionalism”… which he’ll never understand.