President Coward: CEO of Untruth Inc.

OBAMA Cowardly Liar

These may be the two most important things you can view/read this week.

Sep 5, 2014: President Coward by Bill Wittle [7:10]

President Obama delayed the Osama bin Laden raid for months out of fear of what a failed attempt would do to his re-election chances. He sent the men in the rescue helicopters back to their bunks as he watched our people die in real time at Benghazi. And he delayed the mission to rescue James Foley and other ISIS hostages so long, it failed. Why? Because he didn’t want to be “Carterized.”

Sep 9, 2014: Obama’s Untruth Inc. by Victor Davis Hanson

“The two fuels that run Untruth, Inc., are, first, a realization that most of the president’s policies, whether deliberately or as a result of indifference and laziness, run counter to what most Americans support, and, second, a media establishment so invested in his agenda that it will not call the administration to account. So the engine of lying keeps humming.

On any given day the president of the United States can step up to the teleprompter amid the latest disaster and swear that he did not do what he just did, or insist that someone else, not he, did the dastardly deed, or simply skip over recent history and make things up. The press at first quibbles, then nods in agreement, and Obama is empowered to do it again and again. We have not seen such a disingenuous president since Richard Nixon — but he, at least, was countered rather than enabled by the media.”

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  1. “So the engine of lying keeps humming.” You’d think we could solve the energy crisis with that thing. VDH is amazing.