What a beautiful weekend!

[Graphic added by CtH: The mom who posted it on my Facebook said the league issues these to all the coaches.  Wise league!]

They play I coach You cheer

Saturday my beloved child bride and I went to grandson RJ Pistol’s 6th grade junior tackle football game. The weather was perfect and we got to spend some time with my eldest,her hubby,and some of DD’s in-laws. We all cheered shamelessly and when they lost the game in the final minute,we all supported them and there was nothing but congratulations for a game well-played and optimism about next week’s contest.


Sunday afternoon we took DW’s BFF to an apple orchard to see her BIL,who plays in an amateur bluegrass band. I hadn’t been to this place in many years. It’s a seasonal business,with limited opportunities to make a profit. They used to have horse-drawn wagons you could ride through the fields to pick your own apples from a dozen different varieties of fruit. I guess they don’t anymore because of insurance regulations.

You can still buy paper bags of yellow and red delicious,granny smith,macintosh,winesap and many other kinds of apples. They have a barn with a lot of antique farm equipment to see and an area where children can pet lambs,kids and other small animals. The big draw is THE FOOD!

You can get a slice of fresh,still-warm apple pie(with ice cream,of course), cider, apple butter, fresh fruit jellies, to-die-for (if you’re not diabetic) fudge and my favorite, apple donuts with cinnamon. We are blessed to still have some small farm operations like this in our part of the country,like the farm stands that still have the best produce God can bring forth. There is another place called The Pumpkin Patch that is only open for the month of October that sells gourds,Indian corn,cornstalks and other fall decorations. Oh,they have a LOT of pumpkins,too. There is a pony ring for kids and a corn maze for everybody to try. The things they sell are pricey,but you expect that for a business with such a short window of opportunity.

I guess the reason for posting this is there was a time,and I can almost give you a date certain,when I didn’t much care for any of this. I was so depressed,I was just waiting for the end,the sooner the better. Then God gave me a crisis and through it,I began to walk closer with Him. I no longer take anything for granted and I plan to do what I can to enjoy whatever time the Lord sees fit to give me with my family and friends taking in the awe of what He created. Don’t waste a day. Ever. They are irretrievable.



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  1. Ting

    I remember that time, dear Pete. I am so glad to see you enjoying your life and your family these days. You really had us all very worried at one time. I remember Girl Power and Auntie Lib, TNWHam, and others giving you all kinds of good perspective and you were open to it! Good for you. All of us are much more jovial and much more aware because you are here.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Ditto what Ting said, plus a little thought I had from a recent Pete blog about how good his lunch had been. “Just because you’re diabetic, doesn’t mean you have to go hungry.” I’m so proud ::sniff:: … it’s HARD to make huge changes to your cherished habits, especially where food is concerned. I remember some of us who have been there encouraging Pete to give it his all, because in a surprisingly short time, his taste buds would adapt to LOVING the new diet. It was such a thrill to see this has happened and Our Pete is again enjoying his meals (even if they don’t include fudge). :)))))

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