Third American contracts Ebola

2014_09 04 Third American contracts Ebola

IF ONLY HE’D LISTENED TO OBAMA … who explains in the video below how EASY it is to avoid getting Ebola! Like, for example, you can’t get it sitting next to someone on a bus … unless that person is infectious and coughs, sneezes, sweats, bleeds, pees, poops or ejaculates on you and you happen to get any of their virus-laden body fluid in an open wound or orifice, in which case, yeah, you can totally get it sitting next to someone on a bus.  And that garbage about how people aren’t infectious until they show symptoms?  People who recover can remain infectious for 6-8 weeks afterward!

President Obama’s Message on the Ebola Virus [2:25]

As for Obama’s claim that HALF the victims recover … the World Health Organization begs to differ.

Ebola facts from WHO


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  1. Oh, he’s being flown to Nebraska. Wonderful. That’s close enough to spit from here. Not that flying through Atlanta half a dozen times recently hasn’t put me within stone’s throw of active Ebola cases at the CDC. I’m not complaining, and I’m not that worried. But is this really a good idea for everybody in America to get used to living with Ebola raging here among us? I just don’t think so.

    Here in Colorado, we already have to live near an entire population of elk thoroughly infected with Chronic Wasting disease (essentially Mad Cow). Not only did our gov’t fail to protect us from it, they CAUSED it by allowing infected cattle and sheep to mingle across fences with wild elk at facilities outside Fort Collins. And here in Denver, there are always a number of people dying slowly in special hospital wards of the human variant (CJD), and nobody talks about it. Nobody knows how to cure it and nobody wants to think about it.