Where child rapists can get off scot free  … provided they’re not citizens.

2014_08 NC child rape by illegals

As I understand it, our law enforcement agencies are forbidden to prosecute illegals, but must turn them over the immigration.  ICE takes them to the border where they wave bye-bye for the ten minutes it takes the thugs to move to one of the oh-so-secure areas of our border where they can cross right back over … and continue whatever felonious activity they were “deported” for in the first place.

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement @ http://www.ncfire.info


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  1. What a backwards country we’re running here.


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    INVADERS are exempt from laws which apply to citizens and LEGAL immigrants; INVADERS can rape and pillage with impunity in the fundamentally transformed Obamerica.


  3. Ting

    Oh, this is too close for comfort. I’m sure it is just a bad in Virginia, but nobody in Terry McCauliffe’s administration is talking about it.

    By the way, T.Mac has sure made himself scarce while all this McDonnell drama is going on. He will probably not say a word because when U.S. Attorney General Mark Levin starts investigating him, he will end up under the jail.