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Being friday makes a difference if you still have……a job.
Being retired means I have nothing to do and all day to tell you about it.

A few McDonald’s employees and a whole lot of union thugs staged protests yesterday in 150 cities including ours.
This intersection is at North Central and Auburn St. I went to high school at auburn High,just down the street and the BP gas station in the background has been closed three times for drug activity.The restaurant is one block from a county housing complex.It was a really nice neighborhood back in the 1960’s,but its decayed completely.

9 fast-food wage protesters arrested in Rockford

Twenty-five people blocked eastbound traffic on Auburn Street for nearly four hours. The nine who were arrested had refused orders from Rockford police officers to get off the road; instead, they sat on the pavement.

No one was injured.

Chief Chet Epperson said police decided to clear the road before 3 p.m. because of rush-hour traffic and school dismissals.



Grunt can relate to this:








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Words fail me

2014_09 05 Kerry pimps climate change for Muslims

John Kerry: Scripture Says U.S. Should Protect Muslim Countries Against Global Warming [1:21]



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Third American contracts Ebola

2014_09 04 Third American contracts Ebola

IF ONLY HE’D LISTENED TO OBAMA … who explains in the video below how EASY it is to avoid getting Ebola! Like, for example, you can’t get it sitting next to someone on a bus … unless that person is infectious and coughs, sneezes, sweats, bleeds, pees, poops or ejaculates on you and you happen to get any of their virus-laden body fluid in an open wound or orifice, in which case, yeah, you can totally get it sitting next to someone on a bus.  And that garbage about how people aren’t infectious until they show symptoms?  People who recover can remain infectious for 6-8 weeks afterward!

President Obama’s Message on the Ebola Virus [2:25]

As for Obama’s claim that HALF the victims recover … the World Health Organization begs to differ.

Ebola facts from WHO


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Where child rapists can get off scot free  … provided they’re not citizens.

2014_08 NC child rape by illegals

As I understand it, our law enforcement agencies are forbidden to prosecute illegals, but must turn them over the immigration.  ICE takes them to the border where they wave bye-bye for the ten minutes it takes the thugs to move to one of the oh-so-secure areas of our border where they can cross right back over … and continue whatever felonious activity they were “deported” for in the first place.

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement @ http://www.ncfire.info


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Fly with Confidence, America; Those ISIS Activists on Your Flight are Mostly Harmless

Back4“Do you trust me?” So asked the petite, blonde, senior Delta flight attendant in the short red dress, fresh from delivering trays of cocktails to first class passengers. “Believe me, I’ve been through much worse than this on my plane before. Front page news stuff. Don’t want to talk about it right now, mind you.”

“But you can trust me, this woman is no physical threat. She’s just flown in from Dubai, which is an 18 hour flight, and she’s just a little irritable. She’s an American, but she’s absorbed a lot of the culture over there, if you know what I mean. I’ve got this under control.”

The 98 lb aspiring Navy SEAL was assuring me that I should not be concerned after she was running up and down the aisle asking passengers where the woman with the “thingy” on her head was sitting. I believed her, though she would have been more convincing had she known what a hijab is. And been a hundred pounds heavier. And been a man with a gun.

As it was, I’d already heard quite enough to be concerned about how this flight was shaping up yesterday. I was on my way home to Denver after a long work trip on the east coast. The woman with the zebra hijab was in my row, and even before we took off, she’d wasted no time in provoking the other women in the row into panic by chatting about terrorism.  They responded by burying their faces in their books and by begging her to mind her own business. She then moved on to me, insisting that I witness some imaginary insult someone had done to her, and stating loudly to the whole section that “You see this?? This is TERROR!” I don’t even know what she was talking about. Perhaps she was upset that the flight attendants had not brought her before-take-off wine yet. But several things were clear: she was neither truly upset nor irritable in any way. She was relaxed and playing a part, and it was quite a performance.  She was also clearly an activist.  And that’s what worried me. Continue reading


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The Traitor in the Oval Office

2014_09 02 Obama had intel on ISIS a year ago



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Mascot Update: Good Cheap Fun

From Mama Buzz: “I thought of a fun fine motor activity that can double as a cool art and science project 🙂  I got some little eye dropper bottles the other day, put vinegar and a drop or two of food coloring in them.  Baking soda in the bowl.  Good, cheap fun!”

2014_09 04 Vinegar, baking soda, food coloring

From Mama Buzz:  “Bunny picked up the toy phone, said hello and proceeded to walk around, while having a conversation, complete with pauses long enough for someone else to talk.  I dont know much of what she was saying, just that it wasn’t repetitious. Maybe she was deciding what to cook for me?  :)”

2014_08 11 A on toy phone

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