Madness and the Me Presidency

2014_08 Krauthammer on Obama - good campaigner

EXCERPTS from The Madness of 2008 By Victor Davis Hanson – August 26, 2014

Had America focused on what Obama had done before he ran for president and noticed what he did during the campaign, there would never have been a President Obama to surprise us now.

The National Journal warned us in 2008 that Obama was the most partisan of the 100 U.S. senators. Did we assume that he would revert to something that he never had been?

Then there is the matter of the presidential untruths. The problem is not just that Barack Obama says things that are untrue but that he lies about what Barack Obama has said. But his prevarication too is habitual and was known in 2008.

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EXCERPTS from The ‘Me’ Presidency By Michael Barone – Sept 2, 2014

The ability to read other people comes more easily if you’re interested in others, curious to learn what makes them tick. It comes harder or not at all if you’re transfixed with your image of yourself.

Which seems to be the case with Barack Obama. He is not much inclined to schmooze even his fellow Democrats. That goes double for Republicans. Obama is also known to have frosty relations with most foreign leaders.

Obama critics have pointed out his fondness for the first person singular. He said “I,” “me,” or “my” 63 times in his 1,631-word eulogy for Hawaii senator Daniel Inouye. He spoke twice as long about his own family experiences as the heroism for which Inouye was awarded the Medal of Honor.

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3 responses to “Madness and the Me Presidency

  1. Ting

    Good grief. In the doctor’s office today the nurse came in and said “I hope ya’ll aren’t staunch Democrats. I have some Obama questions I have to ask.” We reassured her that we were not staunch Democrats and she said “He needs to be impeached.” I was a little surprised to hear this from a woman we had only known for about 10 seconds. Made my day!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      What were the questions she had to ask?!


      • Ting

        Not as bad as I would have thought! When she said she had to ask them I said “Fine, but we may not answer!” They were just things like when was your last AIC test, when was our last such and such test – most things related to being female, and diabetic. None of the ones I was dreading.