Obama dumps a steaming pile of stupid

2014_08 29 Obama dumps a whole pile of steaming stupid

Best comment at Twitchy: “At least the commies and we agreed on one thing. We knew and they knew that we could live in a stand off because if it escalated it was mutually assured destruction. For the Middle East today … death is what they want. Taking the kafir out is what counts and dying in the process is not a deterrent, it is a feature. So no, the world is not safer.”

Neither is the economy …

1984: National Debt: $1.5 Trillion.
2014: National Debt: $17.7 Trillion. 


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  1. Average FY Deficit as % of GDP:

    Post WWII 1947-1995: 1.8%
    GOP Majority 1996-2007: 0.8%
    DEM Majority 2008-2014: 6.4%

    Data Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/budget/fy2015/assets/hist01z2.xls