Wow … somebody is suing Obama for RACKETEERING!

This ought to be interesting.

2014_08 28 Obama sued under RICO

Noting that Hamas is officially designated by the U.S. government as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, the attorney in the case, Larry Klayman (founder of Freedom Watch) said Obama’s actions “were calculated to harm the nation of Israel.”

“This money has been foreseeably used to buy rockets and construct tunnels to attack Israel and terrorize and kill American and dual American-Israeli citizens who reside or are located in Israel,” Klayman said in a statement.

“The nation and the world have increasingly come to see that Obama views himself primarily as a Muslim and acts accordingly in favoring Islamic interests over Judeo-Christian ones, and the complaint lays out Obama’s history in documented detail,” he said.

“His facilitating and ordering financial and other material aid to Hamas, along with his equally anti-Israel Secretaries of State Kerry and Clinton, and the U.N. Secretary General, is just the latest deadly chapter in what amounts to criminal activity which has logically resulted in harm and death to Jews and Christians and threatens the continued existence of Israel,” he said.

EXCERPT: Plaintiffs sue the Defendants [Barack and Malik Obama, HAMAS and the Secretary General of UN, and SecStates Clinton and Kerry] as individuals and foreign states in their official and unofficial capacities, for violating Plaintiffs’ (U.S. citizens in Israel) and decedents’ [family of same who have been killed by Hamas] rights, for engaging in racketeering and other prohibited activities, for engaging in international terrorism, for harboring and concealing terrorists, for providing material support to terrorists and terrorist groups, for directly and proximately causing the deaths of Plaintiffs’ decedents … Plaintiffs, on behalf of themselves and their sons, Plaintiffs’ decedents, respectfully demand a jury trial on all issues so triable. Dated: August 28, 2014.

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