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BABY poop decisions - sent to Karen 8-18-14

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The Gutter-Minded Candidate for Congress

2014_08 Woods for Congress condoms


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CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist

Tree of Life - Placenta

There are five talks posted at YouTube by individuals who left the abortion industry. If you want to pick and choose, click on “Watch on YouTube” at the lower right hand side of the embedded video.  I have not listened to them (yet), but I am part-way through the Linda Couri talk.  It’s good enough that I thought I’d go ahead and share the link with all y’all.

CONVERTED: From Abortion Provider to Pro-Life Activist


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Even The New York Times is disgusted by President Putt Putt

2014_08 22 NYT disgusted by Prez Putt Putt

OBAMA empty chair outhouses gone golfing by CtH


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2014_08 21 Unarmed white killed by black cop


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