He died a kafir

2014_08 Muslims celebrate Foley's execution

Kafir: Non-Muslim



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  1. After due consideration regarding the life of James Foley, or at least what I have learned since his death, this man died as a Christian (Catholic) martyr.

    I did hear comments that were not complimetary regarding Foley, but I have since learned that he was there to record the truth rather than to take sides. He was captured by Gadhafi, and during captivity he prayed the rosary, and he gave strength to his companion on that occasion, just like he gave strength to his fellow prisoners who are also awaiting execution.

    I assume that Foley did not give in to the demands for him to convert to Islam.

    Foley was betrayed by the FSA who handed him over to ISIS/ISIL.

    What awaited Foley on his death is not hell, but heaven. I believe him to be with God.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Catholic Vote put on their Facebook that Foley prayed the rosary while in captivity, counting the decades on his knuckles. I am so comforted by this. I’ve been praying for his soul.

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      • Yes. I saw an article regarding what Foley had to say about his captivity by Gaddafi. He spoke about it when he returned to the USA and visited Marquette University. The staff and students had prayed from him and his fellow captives at the time.

        I can only imagine that Foley did the same when he was captured by FSA and then handed over to ISIS. I have no doubt that he gave the same reassurance to his fellow prisoners. This is supported by the French journalist Henin who has already expressed some very positive comments about Foley.

        I see Foley as a Christian martyr, one willing to go to his death rather than giving in to the Islamists. I doubt that he was ever a sympathizer, but that he simply wanted to chronicle the truth. That would make him a target by both sides. ISIS would not want anyone documenting their crimes, and neither would Assad, and the same is true about Gaddafi.


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