Fifty years later and they STILL aren’t listening!

April 3, 1964 – Malcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘chumps’ [2:56]

Aug 15, 2014 – Zo Rachel: Cities with police brutality are all run by Democrats [6:00]

Ghetto = Democrat

I just read an interesting article comparing the Bundy Ranch protests and the Ferguson riots.

Excerpt: “The difference in conduct and the example of which protest implemented the proper course of action could not be more clear. One did it right. The other couldn’t be more wrong to achieve the intended ends.

“Finally we can also see the bias in the press in this situation. During the Bundy ranch standoff the media was universal in its disdain for the protesters and despite that no actual violence occurred, the media routinely condemned the protester’s rhetorical attack on the government.

“On the other hand, in Ferguson the media is four square behind the criminal actions by the protesters and suddenly have found reason to complain about the “militarized police” and the over reaction of the police and state and local governments.”

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