Color me impressed

On August 4, I blogged about resistant starch, which I had researched at the urging of a friend who shares my affliction.

I was impressed enough to give it a try and today I am here to say, with wide eyes and dropped jaw, that I felt well enough this morning to do part of my old yoga exercises … and I’m talking about for the first time in more than a year!

Since this is the only change I’ve made to my regimen … I try to do only one new thing at a time, so I can assess it … I’m inclined to believe BUT NOT CERTAIN that the resistant starch is doing me some serious good!

My colon healthy breakfast

Besides the colon-healthy breakfast pictured above, Dearest and I have also been keeping a bowl full of small, boiled potatoes in the fridge for noshing. It’s amazing how satisfying a little tater can be! And yes, they do need to be not hot, because heat changes the starch back into a non-resistant form that is digested before it gets to the large intestine. That’s what “resistant” means … it resists being digested in the stomach or small intestine.

Plus, BONUS! … resistant starch supposedly has half the calories of non-resistant starch … and a BUNCH less than Dearest’s snack-attack choices (raisins, cashews, chocolate) … so maybe over time we’ll see a little decrease of the middle-aged spread too. 🙂

Note: There are other ways to get resistant starch into your diet. Dearest and I picked cold potatoes because we like them and it was easy. See the blog I linked above for links to articles and videos about resistant starch. Or just google it and see what pops for you.

Diabetics: According to this article, the idea that you shouldn’t eat potatoes is a myth.

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