Solar Thermal Energy: Not cheap and definitely not “green”

Solar thermal power plants like the one in California’s Mojave desert heat the air to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit … enough to fry birds flying past.  Workers at the plants call the smoking birds ‘streamers’ for the smoke plume that comes from them after they ignite in midair.

Solar mirrors - Frying birds in mid-air

Federal investigators visiting the Mojave facility witnessed bird burning roughly one every two minutes. The Obama administration doesn’t care any more about birds than it does about … well, a lot of stuff.  They granted the facility a $1.6 billion federal loan guarantee because, you know, solar energy doesn’t actually pay for itself.

And solar isn’t the only allegedly “green” technology killing fellow inhabitants of our beautiful planet.  The Wildlife Society says wind farms are slicing and dicing 573,000 birds and 888,000 bats per year.

Meanwhile, the same Democrats who pimp for wind and solar shut off the water to the farms of central California because of some fish that allegedly needed saving.  Yeah, that makes sense.  NOT.


Dead-Bird ‘Steamers’ at a California Solar Plant By Jillian Kay Melchior – Aug 19, 2014

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  1. An amazing disconnect. Thank-you for linking these stories which showcase the illogic and inconsistency of liberalism. Well done!

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