Rob Reiner is painfully ignorant.

“You look at the Congress right now in the United States. You’ve got a strong tea-party group controlling the whole country, because they have a gridlock, they have a gridlock stranglehold on [Republican House Speaker John] Boehner,” Reiner said. “Boehner can’t make a move, and so for that reason, nothing gets brought up in the Congress.”

Rob Reiner exposes his ignorance

Reiner is painfully ignorant. As of August 2, 2014, the House of Representatives under Majority Leader John Boehner has passed 356 bills, much of it with key support from House Democrats.

These bills would tackle problems associated with job creation, health care, energy production and a host of other issues. They are all languishing in the Senate, because Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid, refuses to bring any of them to the floor for discussion or vote.

While Reid and the mindless Democrat Sheeple (e.g., Rob “Baa Baa” Reiner) blame the “do nothing Congress” on the GOP and/or the Tea Party, the FACT is that the gridlock is due entirely to the Democrat leadership.

The following is from the August 4, 2014 Washington Post, a newspaper long known for its sympathy for Democrats:

The Senate has not voted on jobs bills sent by the House, any “fix” for Obamacare or a domestic energy development bill. The Senate will not take up a real vote on the Keystone XL pipeline. It will not take up Iran sanctions.

It did pass Veterans Affairs legislation and Iron Dome funding, not exactly difficult votes. Other than that, not much of consequence has gone on in the Senate, but not because of Republican objections.

The GOP would love to take up many of these subjects, debate them and offer amendments; it is Reid who either won’t take up meaty issues or won’t allow any minority amendments, a practice he has taken further than any modern Senate leader. …

In essence, the Senate has become an adjunct of the White House. Reid’s side comes up with no innovative (or even non-innovative) initiatives of its own and doesn’t allow any from the GOP.



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    • Haw! I’ve been putting up with Rob Reiner’s idiot rants since I was a kid. How much longer do we need to be subjected to this? Is it wrong to pray that he gets inoperable laryngitis or something?


  1. Pistol Pete

    There is no known cure for liberal idiocy.Its terminal.


  2. GP

    Where’s Archie (not Carroll O Conner) to set meathead straight.