By “individual”, she definitely doesn’t mean Hillary Rodham Clinton

Adolph and Hillary

2014_08 HRC's speech requirements

ABC Reporters Mock And Laugh At Clinton’s Extravagant Travel Demands [:39]



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3 responses to “By “individual”, she definitely doesn’t mean Hillary Rodham Clinton

  1. Always so strange, as in the video, to see Hillary’s hovering handler Huma. Hillary, the choice of Muslim Brotherhood gangsters everywhere.

    Ace’s headline on this story: “Legendarily Entitled Politician Has Rock-Star Demands In Speaking Engagement Contracts.” In the comments, I learned that the famous “no brown (or red) M&M’s” stipulation which the reporters laugh about at the end of the clip was actually a stipulation groups thought to put in their contracts to ensure all the important stuff was tended to, after little accidents like a drum stage collapsing and an electrocution. If the M&M’s detail was not followed, start checking the wiring.


    I’ve posted this before, but in case some lurker might’ve missed it or for some strange reason you want to see it again.

    Hillary’s Turn — She’s done her time in the barrel, now make her President! (0:36 video)

    Bonus track (best enjoyed by fans of the old Reboot! series)
    Hexadecimal Hillary – Queen of Chaos — The unmistakable laughter, the wicked joy, it all fits! (0:39 video)


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