Canon Andrew White: On-the-ground reports from Iraq

2014_08 01 Baghdad - 8 shot in face for refusing to convert

Excerpts from the Facebook of Canon Andrew White, Baghdad, Iraq.

August 3, 2014: Many people have asked they can give to us in our crisis. USA UK and elsewhere

August 5, 2014: I have spent much of the day with one Iraq’s most senior Sunni Imam, Sheik Khalid Al Mullah. He has openly and clearly spoken out against the evil events, massacres and slaughters committed by ISIS. He not only stated they were totally demonic, he said they were totally against everything Islam stands for. He stated that Christianity was the very root of Iraqi society, therefore Christians are at the heart of Iraqi society. We went to see the US Ambassador together and the Sheik was able to share these points with him.

August 6, 2014: I am just at Baghdad International Airport heading up north to see the people ousted from Mosul. It has been so good being with our Archdeacon a person who though American had spent a life time serving in the Middle East. He had no doubt that this was where I was called to be and this is where I must stay and serve and to that I say Hallelujah.

August 7, 2014: Over a hundred people were killed in Baghdad last night. There is one other person here doing what we are doing with his wife. Dr Plumb and his wife Peggy are both in their late 70’s, they are Mormons have been here several months using all their own money. He is our closest friend here. All the time people say to me how can you work with a Mormorn. Well he is the only other person here doing the work of Jesus caring for the poor and the dying and we love each other.

August 8, 2014: We are living in worst crisis I have ever known. Working day and night to meet the needs of those who have nothing. We are providing a huge amount and as you will see on this video we are all very tired, but our lord is sustaining us.

August 9, 2014: The extent of the persecution here in Iraq cannot be described. The massacres, the crucifixions, the rapes. The most horrendous massacre of the innocents since the Holocaust. Yet amongst all of this we give thanks because ours is the Kingdom of Heaven.



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6 responses to “Canon Andrew White: On-the-ground reports from Iraq

  1. Remember when barbarism such as throwing the Christians before the wild beasts in the arenas seemed like ancient history, comfortably long ago and far away from our modern, civilized world? sigh!

    These new martyrs for Christ, like all those going back to Stephen and our Master, are literally supremely inSpiring, to stand for Truth with the knife of Pure Evil at their throat. One way or another, the souls forcibly translated for standing for their faith have surely achieved the pinnacle of whole-hearted choosing-for-God, which goal is the very purpose of this Creation. What honor! What glory! A harvest of tested saints! Imagine the welcome they should surely be receiving in the halls of heavenly resurrection…

    …while we lesser lights get to experience the continuing hellish barbarism on earth.


    “For as the lightning comes out of the east, and shines even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

    Lookin’ forward to it.


  2. “Sheik Khalid Al Mullah has openly and clearly spoken out against the evil events, massacres and slaughters committed by ISIS. He not only stated they were totally demonic, he said they were totally against everything Islam stands for.”

    It’s heartening to hear a Muslim speak out against the persecution of Christians. Just a day or two ago I read another story (in the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter) that was similarly heartening. It was about a couple of Christian girls who’d been kidnapped by Boko Haram. They managed to escape their captors and ran to the nearest village, where they chose a random door and knocked on it, hoping for the best. The door was answered by a Muslim man, and when the girls told him their story, he gave them protection and helped them to get back to their families.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I can’t talk about details here, but I know from reliable sources about Muslims who worked, fought and died alongside our troops. These individuals took far greater risks than our troops did, because their families were in-country.

      This issue is one of the 3 reasons I left HB. After KD went on an epic anti-muzzy rant, I emailed him privately and told him some personal details then asked that he please, for my sake, never refer to the bad Muslims without using a modifier like “extremist” or “violent.” He flat out refused.


      • You were right to leave. It’s misleading and deceitful to talk about Muslims as if they were a monolithic group, and not distinguish between the few psychopaths who get all the publicity and the ordinary people who are just living their lives and not wishing harm on anyone. People do this to Christianity all the time — speaking of Christians as if the few crazy ones were somehow representative of all Christians — and Christians resent it, justifiably. So why would we do the same to another religious group?


        • chrissythehyphenated

          Yeah, really. I feel it particularly as a Catholic. I don’t worship statues or race mindlessly through the rosary to gain indulgences and I don’t know anyone who does. And I’ve written here before how pedophilia is no more prevalent among Catholic priests than it is among any other group of professional ministers in any denomination.

          It’s interesting how devout right-wing Christians get tarred for the extreme ideology of Westboro Baptist, but the violent left-wing rhetoric spewed by Obama’s former pastor is glossed over.