Robin Williams at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait [3:63]

Robin Williams USO

Williams was also very gracious off the stage.  He posed for pictures with anyone who asked and would take the time to talk with the troops.  He had a special heart for those who had gone through AA, as he had, and would meet with them backstage.

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2 responses to “RIP

  1. Pistol Pete

    He was a hard-left liberal but a pretty good actor.I guess there’s a lot of pressure to always be on the public stage that pushes people like Belushi,Candy,so many rock stars like Joplin and Hendrix to retreat into drugs and alcohol.There comes a point when they just can’t deal with the pain anymore.


    • GP

      I think they have such a need to be the center of attention that when their family treats them like anyone else, they feel unloved.
      It is so sad that a man who brought so much happiness to others could not find joy in life.
      Obama will have a hard time letting go of the attention just like Clinton did.
      Conservatives are more comfortable in their own skin. That is why they are content living quiet lives like the Bushes.