What will be will be. I remember when I was about 6 I had such a crush on Patti Page every time I saw her on a variety show (remember those?).
I have no idea where I’m going with this,but it never stopped me before.

Here’s what Project Veritas and James O’Keefe were talking about






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  1. Pistol Pete

    Michelle ‘pushed’ Obama into ‘siding with black people’: First Lady urged president to pick sides in racial controversies claims new book on the hidden lives of Secret Service
    New book claims that Michelle Obama asked President Obama to be vocal in support of African Americans
    First Lady wanted her husband to back family of Trayvon Martin

    ‘The First Family Detail’ delves into the secret world of president’s personal guard
    The Secret Service are underfunded and security lapses are more common


  2. Pistol Pete

    Offer preteen girls sex ed and abortion while they are still ‘malleable’: Georgetown researchers
    A new report from “Catholic” Georgetown University suggests that public school children should be exposed to explicit sex education at age 10 – while their views are still “malleable” – and that schools could lower STD and abortion rates by providing all girls capable of reproduction with “contraceptives and safe abortion” without “parental approval.”

    Whatever became of the archaic concept of parents teaching young girls that there are some acts that are sacred and their bodies are not for recreational use indiscriminately.


    • Yeah, Georgetown has been lost for a long time. NLC (No Longer Catholic).


    • “Kissing builds up the mouth.” -some guy on stage at Woodstock.

      Actually, kissing chemically involves a lot of things which, such that it turns out in the long run, it’s best if you confine “swapping spit” (hate that expression, but apt here) to, oh, say, just your lifelong spouse. Who knew?


      “…schools could lower STD and abortion rates by providing all girls capable of reproduction with ‘contraceptives and safe abortion’ without ‘parental approval.'”

      Or, you know, I’m just shootin’ in the dark here, just thinking out loud, just ruminatin’ randomly, off the top of my head, maybe, just mayyyybe, all youth, male and female could be taught to (respectively) keep it zipped and your legs crossed until Father Brown says you’re hitched; that sex is for pleasure and reproduction strictly inside the confines of heterosexual pair marriage, with the high and noble purpose to bring into this world new citizens for the nation, new children with the Almighty Father, in stable, moral, supportive environments where they can grow up and become contributing partners in society and in the Family of God; and any deviation from this is evil for good reasons which I’ll be glad to explain to you in painful detail, just as soon as you sit down, shut up, and quit arguing, kid.

      Nawww. That’s crazy talk.


  3. Pistol Pete

    Eye-Witness Speaks Out on Murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson
    The full story hasn’t come out yet.Apparently Mr. Brown and another black man struggled to get a policeman’s gun away from him.Brown was shot and killed.The people of color who inhabit this area gathered to hold a vigil which soon turned into chants of:’kill the police!’ and,of course smashing and looting whatever they could lay hands to.Forgive my racism here,but I fear there is some innate pathology within these people that can trigger violence at a moments notice and an urge to take whatever they can for free because its easier than working.But that’s me.

    Protesters Attack Police Cars – Loot & Torch QuickTrip Following Teen Killing – Shots Fired (Video) …Update: Rioting Spreads to Dellwood


    On Monday Morning Adam Sharp drove up to Ferguson to document the aftermath of last night’s looting and rioting.
    The Boost Mobile store that was looted:

    <img src="” alt=”” />


    • I was following a thread on Ace when folks were more-or-less live-blogging the riot. Some commenters were relatively near the action. Text isn’t video – but it can be better. I was getting a live news feed as I heard from people watching and listening to local-to-them news reports. Text radio.

      “…innate pathology….”

      siiiigh [With heavy heart, drags soapbox over, grabs oxygen mask, wearily and half-heartedly clambers up.]

      The neighbors who share our ranch are, absolutely, the best folks I know, salt of the earth, hardworking, faithful, family-strong, and would agree with you on this, Pete. So, I have this same conversation with Neighbor Bob now and then – always trying to keep in mind, as I do with you, venerable elder, that I am a mouthy young upstart with a pointless liberal-arts education who thinks he knows better than the life-educated guru in coveralls with callouses on his hands.

      First, let me acknowledge how unhelpful is is, when struggling against racial stereotyping, that so damn many angry, stupid black punks keep insisting on confirming the stereotype, baggy pants and all, generation after generation.

      Further, I acknowledge the tragedy that everyone can’t be fine, moral, upstanding, law-abiding folks like all us Whites are (did you see my “meet the neighbors” mugshots videos?). Or best of all, Male, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant, like me! Life’s unfair. I bet Granny had a saying for that.

      Indeed, some human racial types may truly be better structured mentally for some things than for others which gives “innate tendencies.” God made us in variety for variety’s sake. Although I, being a married white guy, am in almost all regards a superior type, I definitely can’t dance nor can I shoot hoops. (I’ve tried, I’ve really tried.)

      All joking aside, whatever racial or social components may drive susceptibility to the “let’s riot” (or crap where we sleep, as some put it on Ace) mentality, nothing innately makes an entire race like this. Can you imagine any event “triggering” Allen West to shout “Kill the Cops”? Can you imagine Dr. Ben Carson thinking, “Hey! A riot! I’ll go steal me some new tennies!” Can you see Thomas Sowell out there smashing windows on slight provocation? When I watch the videos of Alfonzo Rachel, NRA spokesman Colion Noir, the always-hilarious “Doctor of Common Sense,” or the young fellow I recently discovered going as That Guy T, not one of these people can I see doing such things. Strangely, each and every one of them is of the same ethnic persuasion as the folks out there who burned the QuikTrip to the ground after looting it clean.

      [Point sufficiently belabored, stumbles off soapbox, cleans off muddy footprints for the next person, fades into background]


      • Well said, Mindful. Lots of people like to ponder crime and sin, and wonder why people do the things they do, whether there are any chemical reasons (demon liquor!) or innate tendencies (faulty genes!). But I find all such pondering useless at best and dangerous and unChristian at worst – even the socially acceptable ones. People do evil because they choose to. And that’s the end of the story.

        Lots of things push us one way or the other, and that includes our genes and the company we keep. There’s no denying it. Some of us have a tougher time resisting than others. But who cares why? Any concern for that is only an invitation for excuses or a reason to despise people for the wrong reasons.

        So I agree with you. Not that I think it’s a great sin to wonder about such things. We all generalize and cogitate on such things. Having an opinion, even a wrong opinion, shouldn’t be a crime. So thanks for the gentleness of your words.


        • GP

          Here again-this would have been a prime opportunity for barry to get out early and make a statement condemning this behavior. But he won’t because in his heart, he condones it. He feels this thug was shot for being black, not because he was up to no good.
          We don’t know yet all the circumstances. I find it hard to believe that a cop shot this kid 8 times in cold blood. I think that is just was has been circulated like the telephone game. It keeps getting bigger and bigger because no one in authority is saying a word because it is “under investigation”.
          Barry could have been a great president if he had even two cents worth of character and tried to set an example of ethics and talked about right vs wrong.
          He could have done so much to end ghetto violence if he had just told these young punks to get a job and maybe you will be president someday instead of continuing the myth that they are all victims of being born black.
          This is why I am hoping Dr. Carson will at least get the nod as VP. We need a good doctor who knows how to cure this cancer.
          PS- I thought MW and Count both had great responses.


          • GP-
            That’s the thing that steams me the MOST about our “post-racial” emperor. If he had the slightest concern for his countrymen – half-a-cent worth – he would be seizing the opportunity and mending fences over these events. No one but the first black POTUS has the power to diffuse these bombs. NO ONE. He alone has the power to reconcile race in this country. But he care’s only to divide and enflame.


        • This comment exchange on Ace was, I thought, relevant to this subject, and worth repeating here, regarding the “social modeling” for these “misguided youth”:

          If it’s someone who looked like Carlton from The
          Fresh Prince, Grandma wouldn’t be as apt to clutch her purse. But I
          know guys who do get the cornrolls [sic] in their hair and wear the white, loose fitting tee shirts for the precise reason they want to look
          intimidating. They want that thug lifestyle and that’s what makes G-Maw
          clutch the purse.

          There’s more nuance to that rather than just Grandma practicing some institutional microagression RAAAAACISM.

          —Dave C at August 12, 2014 09:51 AM

          Have much experience with the “Gangsta” portion of the Black Community. Had many friends in it. In their eyes, the top of the social ladder is being a well to do bad ass armed and violent drug dealing pimp with a bevy of “Hos” that occasionally need bitch slapping.

          Every one of them works to create that image in themselves.

          —D-Lamp at August 12, 2014 10:27 AM

          Pardon the language in the quote, but, sadly, it’s in context.

          Dr. Carson needs to acquire more bling if he want to be a role model.


  4. Obama gives Americans one last slap in the face before heading to vacation
    Before jetting off for two weeks’ vacation, President Obama laid the blame for the Iraq crisis at the doorstep of the Bush administration.

    At a brief press conference Saturday on the White House lawn, Obama scoffed at the notion that he might regret not having left a residual American force in Iraq.

    Obama Golfs For FIVE HOURS as US Evacuates Embassy Staff From Baghdad Chaos


    • Ting

      I’m glad I missed that on Saturday. It would have gone a long ways toward making the weekend much less enjoyable. You watch, Pete and Chrissy, so we don’t have to. Thank you! Thank you!


  5. Pistol Pete

    he doesn’t even try to hide his contempt anymore


  6. Pistol Pete




  7. Pistol Pete

    ‘Dead Broke Clintons’ Seeking Some Bank, Tickets To See Them On Vacation Running Up To $50,000
    Saturday, the couple, along with daughter Chelsea, will be fêted at the Water Mill home of former Wall Street exec Joan Hornig and her investment banker husband George.

    Tickets range from $5,000 to $50,000 for a couple who would receive co-chair status.

    Proceeds will go to the Clinton Foundation.

    Its their favorite “charity.”


  8. Ting

    I could never be a politician. I just don’t like the attention and I would never have had the nerve to continue a public life after the blue dress. I would be wearing that mumu and sunglasses every day since.