A heart in tune with God can’t help but sing His praise.

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” This cliché has no basis in fact, but experience makes it seem true.

When life is pleasant, time passes all too quickly. Give me a task that I enjoy, or a person whose company I love, and time seems irrelevant.

My experience of this “reality” has given me a new understanding of the scene described in Revelation 4. In the past, when I considered the four living creatures seated around God’s throne who keep repeating the same few words, I thought, “What a boring existence!”

God's throne room - Revelation

I don’t think that anymore. I think about the scenes they have witnessed with their many eyes (v.8).

They do not rest day or night, saying: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!” —Revelation 4:8

I consider the view they have from their position around God’s throne (v.6). I think of how amazed they are at God’s wise and loving involvement with wayward earthlings. Then I think, What better response could there be? What else is there to say but, “Holy, holy, holy”?

Is it boring to say the same words over and over? Not when you’re in the presence of the one you love. Not when you’re doing exactly what you were designed to do.

Like the four creatures, we were designed to glorify God. Our lives will never be boring if we’re focusing our attention on Him and fulfilling that purpose.

An Our Daily Bread meditation by Julie Ackerman Link


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3 responses to “A heart in tune with God can’t help but sing His praise.

  1. “Is it boring to say the same words over and over?” Heh.

    That in which one’s mind and soul are engaged isn’t always evident to the onlooker. My dog thinks most of what I do is sitting around, making this tray of buttons click and staring at a flat light (he can’t see the screen, as far as I can tell). Bored. “Why aren’t we outside running and chasing things?”

    I was actually reminded of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The dreariest, boringest-seeming job. There’s nothing there to guard except the sanctity of the place, and there’s nothing for him to do except keep up that guarding. Yet they serve with pride, and for those who know why, because of that guard, we weep more in sympathy.

    Actually tough jobs.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      What an amazing choice of example you made! Dearest and I just watched the NG Arlington documentary linked below. It had me in tears. Not only is guarding the Unknowns a tough, boring job, but the guys who have qualified for it are few and have not only worked hard to earn the honor and serve with distinction, but some have had the honor revoked long after they left the service. I highly recommend this 60 minute documentary!



      • I’ll see if I can find the Nat’l Geog. Arlington video you recommended. Someday, I suppose, I’ll have to get something like a Netflix account. Just one lottery win away from having every luxury. 🙂

        cth: “What an amazing choice of example you made!”

        Inspired by recalling that video of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier shushing people, in substance saying, “People! THIS! is what is happening here, THIS! is what is important here!” Just watched it again. “It is requested,” the Guard commands! My fist hit my chest and my eyes leaked.

        (Heh. Can you imagine some gaggle of fools (survivors from our planet are easily spotted) wandering into the Throneroom in flip-flops and Hawaiian-print shirt with flash camera and popcorn, talking amongst ourselves… I mean, themselves? The “bark” of the Guards would be a tad more powerful than that of the soldier! ZAP!)

        Shortly after I posted my earlier comment, I saw again the video of the young man (don’t call him a kid!) saluting with the flag on the beach at Normandy. Another “boring” duty.

        If these seem a tad off-topic from your initial message, I have to bring things “down to earth” for my mundane mentality. Also, don’t recall where I found things, so I don’t know, but maybe I first saw one or both of those videos here! For both reasons, I’ve linked them rather than embedding. (When I don’t know what the “rules” are, I make some up as I go along.) 🙂