MYTHBUSTER: “Catholics burned alive” photo is NOT what it purports to be

On January 3, 2013, a blogger posted an indignant screed about an alleged atrocity in Nigeria. Sorry about the disturbing images.

2013_01 03 Blog post claims burned bodies are Catholics in Nigeria

Problem is … the photo is from a terrible tragedy that occurred on July 3, 2010, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On that day, a fuel tanker overturned and exploded, sending a fireball into nearby homes and cinemas packed with people watching the World Cup. At least 230 were killed and another 196 injured. Many of the dead were charred beyond recognition.

2010_07 09 Burned bodies from tanker explosion

2014_08 08 Mythbuster photo comparison




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3 responses to “MYTHBUSTER: “Catholics burned alive” photo is NOT what it purports to be

  1. This phoney tactic is one used by Islamic terrorist, like those in Gaza. Phoney photos of the supposed murdered. Disgusting


  2. This story (from January 2013!) is making the rounds again; I just saw it on a friend’s FB page. Thanks for setting the record straight.


  3. Flo

    Didn’t think the story was right either. Good thing i double-checked and read this. Thanks!