I thought this was a parody, but I was wrong

I saw the “Organizer in Chief” card at Twitchy yesterday, but I passed over it, because I was sure it was a parody. Today, I realized it was a serious posting at the Organizing for Obama site where they clearly think “Organizer in Chief” is a COMPLIMENT.

2014_08 OFA birthday card

Maybe they had so much trouble getting people to sign a birthday card for Obama, because the cards they offered were lame and ugly. Option 3 is the real corker. I mean … remember 2008 and all that “Obama eats dogs” thing? Plus, the small letters at the bottom say “and grassroots supporters at OFA.” Seriously? Dogs and grass? ::snort::

2014_08 OFA birthday card choices

And while we’re talking about the 2013 Liar of the Year, let’s not forget that the long-form birth certificate he posted at the White House web site has been proven again and again and again to be a FRAUD.

Click to access Birth%20Certificate%20Investigation%20Part%20II.pdf

Years ago, I did a lot of research into and made a lot of graphics about Obama’s fraudulent life story. The graphics were loaded at my old Chrissy’s Site Bites at Webshots, where I had thousands of images.  Webshots got sold and changed into a form I didn’t want, so the whole thing disappeared. Today, I have finally reloaded all the “Birth and Dreams” graphics to a new album at my Facebook and I’m busy today finding and adding links to the images to facilitate others doing their own research. As always, feel free to steal them.  I don’t need attribution.  I just want the information to get to the people who are finally coming out of their KØØL-AID comas.



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5 responses to “I thought this was a parody, but I was wrong

  1. Don’t feel bad, Chrissy.

    I seriously thought this was a parody/photoshop, but I was wrong:


  2. Birthday…. are Fascist born or do they simply evolve out of the Marx’s muck? I’m not generous enough to wish the Liar In Resident Happy anything… except, GOODBYE.


  3. Hope’n’Change reveals the real reason for Kerry’s two-wheeling self-embarrassment.



  4. O/T

    “I said, sir, are you saying that people who eat in the food court can’t bow their heads and pray?” she said. “He said, ‘No ma’am.’ That’s exactly what he said.”

    Fox News c/o, um, oh, darn, Liberal Logic I think.