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I thought this was a parody, but I was wrong

I saw the “Organizer in Chief” card at Twitchy yesterday, but I passed over it, because I was sure it was a parody. Today, I realized it was a serious posting at the Organizing for Obama site where they clearly think “Organizer in Chief” is a COMPLIMENT.

2014_08 OFA birthday card

Maybe they had so much trouble getting people to sign a birthday card for Obama, because the cards they offered were lame and ugly. Option 3 is the real corker. I mean … remember 2008 and all that “Obama eats dogs” thing? Plus, the small letters at the bottom say “and grassroots supporters at OFA.” Seriously? Dogs and grass? ::snort::

2014_08 OFA birthday card choices

And while we’re talking about the 2013 Liar of the Year, let’s not forget that the long-form birth certificate he posted at the White House web site has been proven again and again and again to be a FRAUD.

Click to access Birth%20Certificate%20Investigation%20Part%20II.pdf

Years ago, I did a lot of research into and made a lot of graphics about Obama’s fraudulent life story. The graphics were loaded at my old Chrissy’s Site Bites at Webshots, where I had thousands of images.  Webshots got sold and changed into a form I didn’t want, so the whole thing disappeared. Today, I have finally reloaded all the “Birth and Dreams” graphics to a new album at my Facebook and I’m busy today finding and adding links to the images to facilitate others doing their own research. As always, feel free to steal them.  I don’t need attribution.  I just want the information to get to the people who are finally coming out of their KØØL-AID comas.



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