Twins Bedtime … HILARIOUS!

Twins Bedtime by Henriette Jonassen

July 24, 2014: I’ve been struggling with getting my twins asleep for a few weeks now (due to extremely hot weather and long, sunny days), and I’ve tried different methods. This one was definitely the worst one! But it gave me a good laugh. BTW, they have always shared a room.  I just thought I’d try something different for a few days, and it turned out to be a bad idea.

Jesus at bath time


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6 responses to “Twins Bedtime … HILARIOUS!

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I gave this toon some thought and decided it’s not sacrilegious, since 2-year-olds are incapable of sin and the Scriptures say Jesus was like us in all things but sin. I know it makes me feel more akin to Mary thinking she had the same challenges the rest of us moms have (had).


  2. Errrrr. As a parent of twin boys (fraternal, not identical, though), I feel qualified to say, “you’re doing it wrong!” Plus, she has to buy two of the “I’m not tired” shirts!

    By the time they’re 13, she won’t have a brain cell left.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      So THAT’S what’s wrong with you! jk!!


      • cth: “So THAT’S what’s wrong with you!”

        Absolutely! (Well, a later contributing factor, anyway.) As you can tell from this semi-autobiographical comic. (If you don’t have time to parse out the whole ‘toon, scroll to the last panel, “Secret Origins.”)

        When we had our first, being as we were both mostly work-at-home parents, when the baby was fussy, you could get a break by handing fussy over to the other parent.

        When you have twins, when you hand a fussy baby to the other parent, they hand you one back.

        Met a woman pushing a stroller with her triplets one day. She sure had our sympathy! I can’t imagine! And if you have enough multiples, you have to start building custom furniture! (Laughing quads vid.)


        • chrissythehyphenated

          My brother had natural triplets. His wife wears size 2. Miracles abounded. 🙂


          • My doctor suspected twins when I was pregnant for the second time, because I already had a very large bulge when I was just a few months along. I got all excited and told my husband that I thought we were going to have twins … then we went for the ultrasound and saw that there was just one very large baby in there. I was really disappointed, and really mad at the doctor for having gotten my hopes up!