It’s a cult

Every year, the Dems use Bam’s birthday as an excuse to indulge in yet another round of fundraising. Even the faithful got fed up by the barrage. These are only two of the many Twitchy posted.

2014_08 04 OFA nagging

They went over the top not just with the frequency, but also with the creepy crazy content.


Then Fancy Nancy had to put in her two cuckoopants cents.

2014_08 04 Pelosi bday tweet

And check out this photo spread … in Business Insider … in the POLITICS section. What is WRONG with these people?!

2014_08 04 Business Insider homage to BHO's inner child

Best Tweet about photo spread: “What’s to discover? He’s very in touch with his inner child, as well as his outer child, his spoiled child and his petulant child.”

MAD made up for all of it with this piece of brilliant snark!

2014_08 04 MAD photoshop for BHO bday

H/t Pistol Pete


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15 responses to “It’s a cult

  1. Cult is the correct word to us.


  2. I meant to say “use.”


  3. Pistol Pete

    Oh,it gets better
    Obama’s Twitter Feed Touts His Own Birthday 10 Times In One Day…
    if I knew how to display tweets I could show these:


    • chrissythehyphenated

      You already know how, Pete. 🙂 Right click on the tweet and you should get the “copy image” thing.


  4. ITTRP: “Raa….cist” – Nonsense. You should have your tweeter account taken away for that. Everybody knows Regressives are never racist. Never. Ever. In fact, they’re so post-racialist than race never even crosses their mind… 🙄

    Dark chocolate? Nan’s even creepier than the pic of the lonely, isolated loser scowling at cupcakes.


  5. Thanks, Chrissy!

    Here’s the tweet:


  6. First, “Organizer in Chief” is beyond parody:


    Second, I thought “Obama’s Birthday” seemed like a good day to remind people of this:


  7. Ting

    This is all very clever!


  8. Another rushed-into-production-at-the-last-minute webwork.

    You-know-who singing Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

    Okay, you may not know who.

    Anyway, I’m going to link to the webpage on my site, HBD SCoaMF, instead of just embedding the YouTube video because, even at 40 seconds, it may cause severe shock, nausea, or related symptoms unsuitable to inhabitants of this beautiful garden. You have been warned.